It’s hip to be retro, don’t you know?20130606-225759.jpg So if you follow my Instagram feed you already know but if you don’t – I have exciting news. This week I acquired a vintage typewriter. I had been eyeing off a really beautiful vintage typewriter on eBay for weeks. It just kept being relisted and relisted. I suspect because of the price. I happened to mention this to my father-in-law at dinner this past Saturday to which he replied “I’m sure I have one somewhere at home that you can have”. Now anyone who forages for old typewriters knows better than to get their hopes up. Old typewriters have a tendency to have bent typebars or jammed keys and other maladies. He had already told me that it was at least 30 years old. Having received it on Wednesday, I made a very interesting discovery. My new to me Brother Deluxe 1350, according to it’s serial number it is 41 years old and in perfect working condition, right down to the ribbon. Did I mention it was free? Yay! I can not wait to try it out on my Project Life in coming weeks. Any thoughts on a name? Obviously it’s a boy.