My room at Pa’s Place.




Anyone else notice how quiet it’s been around here? Yes, well that would be because I have only spent 4 days at home out of the last 18. The rest have all been spent caring for my Pa. Last Wednesday he had an episode that caused him to blackout and he was rushed to a hospital in Melbourne, where they put 2 stents in his arteries. Pa is doing much better now but he will still need to be cared for, for a couple more days. I think we are both eager for that to end. I miss the Internet (and have resorted to writing this in a local cafe) and he tells me I cramp his style. Which by the way is true, I do not let him do anything fun. Now that I have filled you in, I thought I would show you my room at Pa’s Place. It’s got a pretty cool mismatch vintage vibe going on. It has a cut in vanity where I pile everything. Note the beautiful flowers Holly gave me.

Next photo is my Frankie Calendar. Counting down to the big day. Not long now.

The 3rd photo is of the fireworks embroideries I did while Pa was in surgery. They turned out better than I had hoped especially since I have not embroidered in 10 years. There are better photos of them on my Instagram if you wanted to check them out.

Finally, my bed at Pa’s place. His bed, my sheets. I’m funny about my bedding. I like them all to match and not be itchy or pilling. I’ve had this set forever. You could say vintage Peter Alexander. It’s weird that I store sheets here right?

Sadly in my haste I forgot to photo the two green velvet chairs. They have a really retro chic vibe about them.