Best day of my life.
Please excuse my absence again, I had prior obligations this past Sunday – my happy little wedding. It wasn’t a “princess” wedding but it was perfect to me. I remember the smallest little nuances, which make me smile upon reflection and its not just the moments I shared with CJ. I remember Mog’s red tongue from the slushy she had to cool down before the ceremony and the beautiful french champagne we toasted with at the conclusion of the day. Most of all though, I smile 24/7 because I got the husband of my dreams and while I don’t regret anything about our special day, in retrospect there are a few things I wish I had of known before hand:

1. Shape-wear is not your friend, think of it as a bad tempered coworker. You and your shape-wear may be working towards the same goal of making you look good, but it’s going to make you uncomfortable, grumpy and sweaty. Lord I should have worked out more.

2. Diet is so very important on the day. I really struggled to eat breakfast on the day. Turns out stomach butterflies do not like salmon and cream cheese bagels.

3. Take your soul mates…both of them. I love CJ and I am so happy to have married him, but on our wedding day when I discovered a pimple on the left side of my nose, he was not the one I was sending frantic texts to. Holly (guardian angel of weddings) came to the rescue with a last minute pharmacy hunt for a green concealer stick.

4. Weddings are a big, fat energy drain. It didn’t hit me until the morning after, but for the first time in over a week I slept the whole night through and when the sun came up the following morning, I shut the shutters and went back to bed. CJ, who typically needs more sleep than me, slept on the train on the way home. It took a couple of days to pass but I can’t really complain, I got a ton more cuddles.

5. I had read about the “bride blues” prior to the wedding, but I had written it off as something super-involved brides with big expensive weddings got. So I figured I’d be in the clear. WRONG! In the last couple of years I have worked really hard to identify my downhill slides and get ahold of my depression as early as possible. This one really did creep up on me. I remember thinking at breakfast the following morning that I did not feel like myself. On the train home it suddenly hit me. Luckily it was only short lived. As soon as we got home I threw myself into getting ready for Christmas and it soon passed. I talked to Holly about it today and she said something that really struck a chord with me, she said “Well it’s just like coming home from school camp isn’t it?”

6. Pay attention, this is the big one. When you are marrying the love or your life, it really does make life so much easier. For all the aforementioned points, CJ was there. If I was a crazy raving lunatic in the run-up, he never said a word. The man truly does have my back.