Happy Monday everyone! Did you have a good weekend? I did. Purely by chance I discovered our local craft market. I had agreed to take my sister to work. I don’t often go into the city of a weekend and was somewhat surprised to find the town hall looped with bunting. 20130916-082825.jpg Well dear readers, I am sure you are all aware that an excess of bunting requires an investigation and this is what I found:
20130916-083005.jpg The Square Market. It was just like a mini Finders Keepers!20130916-083422.jpg There were cushions, chopping boards, clothing, candles, jewellery, soap, notebooks and cupcakes galore. I even had the opportunity to meet the lovely Hayley from HomeBeauSoot. Hayley’s mum makes the most beautiful vintage inspired cushions, quilts and lampshades. I had to touch them and this was the point where I met Hayley. We discussed our love of tactile products and our dislike of hipsters. She told me of the pressure working next to the cupcake stall and I told her all about my addiction to Instagram. Here are just a few of HomeBeauSoot’s amazing cushions:20130916-084703.jpg20130916-084620.jpg Can I just tell you, they were so soft. The grey owl one (up the back, on the left of the last picture) so very nearly came home with me. 20130916-092422.jpg I did not get a chance to meet this lady but I admire her dedication to bringing the doily back. 20130916-085327.jpg Of recent times I have had a particular interest in screen printed products. There were two screen printers there on Saturday. Skimming Stones who’s stall you see above and Studio Antic who was responsible for the only product that came home with me. I was doubly wrapped to find out that they were local (Campbell’s Creek) and that Dale runs workshops. Sounds fun, huh? So would you like to see what I bought?20130916-090447.jpg This is of a photo of me getting together supplies to make pizza on Saturday night. My brand new geometric diamond tea towel gets pride of place. I would not stress that you can’t see the whole pattern. I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot more of it in upcoming photos. If however you can’t wait that long, here is a picture of it.

I would love to know if you got up to anything interesting this weekend. Feel free to comment below.