You may remember last week I got nominated for the Liebster award? Well I am back to day with Part 2 of the challenge. I have pondered it all weekend and have finally come up with my list of 10 truly unappreciated, but stunningly beautiful blogs. Somewhat unsurprisingly they are all amazingly talented and crafty ladies. So here goes:

The Green Fingerprint by Catherine Saunders

Nina Christensen by Nina Christensen

Inspiration Ave by Amy Yingling

5 Little Chickens by Ginny Hughes

All That Scrapbooking by Mira

Rockermorsan by Magalena

A Splendid Adventure by Bckueser

Petit Pixel Design by Tania

Caylee Grey by Caylee Grey

Give a Girl a Blog by Kellie Winnell

 The challenge should they choose to except it, is to answer the following eleven questions. Shall we start with an easy one?

  1. What is your favorite breakfast?
  2. What’s in your handbag write now?
  3. How did you come to join the blogger world?
  4. What is your biggest accomplishment and why?
  5. What inspires you to create?
  6. Do you have any creative rituals?
  7. Best advice you ever got?
  8. What is one product can’t live without?
  9. Is there a particular skill you worked hard to teach yourself and why?
  10. Book that changed your life?
  11. If money and time was no object what would you have done today?

No presure girlies but I would love to see what you come up with… at the very least you might get a scrap page out of it.

Aimee xx