So guess what?

I won an award! Okay, technically I have just been nominated, but it’s all the same to me! The lovely Sabine from Moments to Live nominated me. You should certainly check her blog out by the way, I did after I “won” the award and I was so surprised. I did not know Sabine personally, but over time I have pinned a ton of her projects. I feel a collab coming on…

I think it best if I let Sabine tell you about the Liebster Award: “‘Liebster’ is actually German and means “favorite, lovely, nice, dearest”. It’s not an award in the usual way. It’s more of a challenge cup or chain letter, but in a good way. If you are awarded with it, you have to answer 11 personal questions, asked by the former cup owner. Additionally, you have to propose 11 new questions and nominate 10 other bloggers. It’s meant for new bloggers with less than 200 followers on bloglovin.”

Did I say Yay aready? Yay! That’s me! My blog is lovely! Β As Sabine said – the award comes with 10 questions and she picked some really great ones to ask. Shall we get started?

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I guess my answer has two parts. Inspiring people would have to be my number 1 favourite thing. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see people using techiques I have shown and making them their own. It’s even better when they come back to me and show it off. It’s taken some time, but Betwixt is becoming it’s own community. That would be my second part. I love the postive community we are building.

2. Where is your favorite place in the world and why?

In my imagination or real life? I imagine Paris to be my favorite place in the world, but having never been there, I would have to say Hobart, Tasmania. I attended university there some 10 years ago.To this day I still miss seeing the snow on Mount Wellington, the boats on the Derwent, weekends spent at the Salamanca Market and the general good vibe of the place.

3. What is your thing? The thing you love to do above all other?

Oh god. Hmm. My thing…? I love Project Life, I love to scrap, I love to bake, I love to read, I love to design, but my thing is really a thread that runs through them all. Above all else, I love to be so completely absorbed in something. I’m very detail-oriented. I love just to be left alone to put everything I have into a project. The feeling I get from completing something to a standard I am proud of is such a wicked high.

4. What are three major things on your bucket list?

I’ve been really good about this over the years. I went zorbing with my husband when I turned 25 and a couple of years ago Holly and I ate authentic chinese food that I had been dreaming about for years. Other items on the list, like making the Paislee Press design team, have come and gone without me and in the end it turned out to be for the best.

Right now though I’d have to say…

  • Make the Basic Grey Design Team
  • Attend CHA
  • Visit Paris

They may not nessecarily be in my future, but that’s what I’m aiming for.

5. What makes you happy?

My husband. Most of the really great things that have happened in my life usually have him involved. Also cold weather, hot chocolate, a really great recipe, surprises in the mail, quiet time, Masterchef, good friends, paper shuffling, designs that blow your mind (doesn’t have to be mine), a well styled outfit, the list is endless. I really do try to find little pieces of happy throughout my day.

6. What is the most useful tip you’ve ever learned?

A couple of months back I was reading the most recent issue of Fete magazine. There was an interview with Sasha White, who co-owns Mr and Mrs White – a furniture and textile company. Sasha said something in that interview that really resonated with me; “It’s best to have little expectations but be full of grace”. Sasha then goes on to clarify “It doesn’t mean you have to be a push-over and not aspiring to anything, but being humble in your ambitions and kind to others even if it is undeserving. Because one day you will not deserve someone’s grace but hope that they will give it”. Seriously? How profond is that. I know personally this is something I struggle with. I wish I had lower expections and a whole lot more grace, but it certainly gives me something to work for.

7. What is your favorite song, that makes you happy?

It’s a so cliche, but “Happy” by Pharell Williams is doing it for me right now.

8. What is/was your biggest wish – now and ten years ago?

Hubby and I were actually talking about this last night. I would absolutely love to turn my passions and hobbies into an income. Not very orginal, I know. I just wish I could spend all day doing the things I love, pay people to do the things I don’t and have enough money to get by. Sadly right now it is more of a wish. I need to sit down and really think about a plan. Oh and world peace πŸ™‚

9. What was the nicest, most lovely thing someone did for you or gift you received?

You know I really and honestly couldn’t single out any one person or gift. Every year my husband writes me a poem for our anniversary. I have 7 now and they all mean a lot to me. Holly, my best friend, turned up 2 hours before my wedding with a magic bag of every essential item that never even crossed my mind. I’ve never been so grateful for bottled water and panadol in my life. She even bought Coke because she knew my husband didn’t drink bottled water. Β And just this morning I received a gorgeous package form a beautiful blog reader, who sent me a set of veneer numbers after she read my post where I lemented running out of mine. If that wasn’t enough, it was so beautifully wrapped, with the sweetest message and a couple of really exclusive treats. That’s just 3 of so many that have touched my heart in a big way.

10. What is the one special thing you love to do at weekends?

It used to be Two Peas in a Bucket project life vids. I would wait all week for Sunday morning to see another, but since they have gone to the new format – it’s a Sunday sleep-in followed by pancakes.

Phew… long post. Come back Monday for my list of nominees and my questions. Hope you enjoyed this little peek in to my world. Feel free to ask a question of your own in the comments and once again a big thanks to Sabine for this wonderful honour.

Aimee xx