I think it’s pretty fair to say January was not my month. Actually, it downright sucked. Towards the end of December, it became very clear that I would need dental work in the not-too-distant future. What I didn’t count on was the month of pain and the drug haze that would go along with it. Yeah… not very conducive to creative activities at all. I had hoped to finish December Daily and Project Life for 2013 by now. I also wanted to be well underway with this year’s Project Life and my One Little Word Album. Sadly none of that has eventuated.

On the bright side, tomorrow marks the two week mark since having three of my teeth removed, and I am very happy to be back on solids. I am beginning to feel like my old self again. Getting back into the creative swing of things has been a challenge. I’ve been lacking inspiration and supplies – I kid you not, I’m out of glue. I just wanted to start something. It didn’t have to be good. It didn’t even have to see the light of day. I just wanted to get the ball rolling again and so I spent the past week playing with my digital stash:

The Sweet Life

I admit, I am a little surprised by the effects of my hiatus. It’s as if magically my style has become more refined and considered. I have noticed that I am putting a lot more time and effort into my shadow work than I ever have before and while I am in no way a pro, they are becoming more and more true to life. For more details on any of these spreads, or to find a full list of products used, be sure to head over to my Lilypad Gallery.

On a side note – How do you break a creative slump?ย I would absolutely love to hear any ideas, stories and tactics you employ to get out of a creative slump. I’d love to make a list. I have a feeling this is more common than I previously thought.

Aimee xx