Welcome to tea at my desk.20130701-090541.jpg
I have spent more time at my desk this week then any other week in the new house. I have found great inspiration, but suffered some serious creative blocks. One in particular that had me scrap my original design for last weeks Project Life. You may have also noticed that last week I did not have a week in pictures post. This was intentional and can be attributed to my good news. This month I am the a guest creative team member over at Paislee Press! Yay! I can’t even put into words how excited I am about this. Oh, well maybe I can… You know the layout I ditched and the photos I didn’t show? Yep, all part of a Paislee Press layout. If that were not enough, I also have half a spread in Paislee Press’s June Showcase today!

Now I have some exciting news for you! My inspiration this week comes from the most amazing geometric stamp set from Give a Girl a Stamp. You can see some of my experimenting on my desk pad in the picture above. Well, the wonderfully talented designer, blogger and Project Lifer, Kellie Winnell will be guest posting here on Wednesday. I feel like I want to add another exclamation mark or a ‘yay’ but if I use them too much, they become redundant and you won’t believe me.

I have a super exciting week planned for you, lovely readers.