Good morning lovely readers!6 months married

I think we can dispense with my usual shot of tea today, don’t you? After all it is a special occasion. I have no words to tell you just how crazy the last week has been. I am sure you all heard me scream, when Jot Magazine was published. Consider yourself lucky that you were not present for the happy dance that went along with it. I am so pleased and honoured to have two spreads published in Jot this month. The team did a fantastic job. The magazine is filled with brilliant ideas. I can’t wait to make the instagram frame. I know, I am biased but you should check it out. Did I mention it’s free?

As if that were not enough, I currently have three other irons in the fire. Two are a definite and the third, well, I’d be lying if I said it was anything other than my dream position. I am really excited for the days ahead. You know what they say: you make your own luck.

Finally and by no means the smallest milestone of the week, CJ and I celebrated six months of marriage. I count myself lucky every single day, just for having him in my life. I am not the easiest person to live with. I have very high standards about, uh, everything really but barring a few complaints, he takes it all in stride. He walks the fine line between teaching me to stand up for myself and being there when I really need him. Mostly though he is always good for a cuddle, even if he is making breakfast or hanging out the washing.

Right! Enough about that, what is this week’s inspiration? This week’s inspiration came from a foe that has beaten me twice before – The Lilypad forum. The piece that got the most attention after Jot was published was the black and yellow hybrid from Week 4. It got me thinking about how much I had enjoyed making digital heavy PL layouts and so I thought I would go check out the forum for some inspiration. I had been there twice before. Once when I first started PL and again earlier this year when I wanted to enter some of their birthday competitions. Each time I gave up without fully understanding the layout. This time I was determined and guess what? I uncovered some real gems. Enough in fact to make me want to try digital scrapbooking. The above picture is an attempt I submitted as part of one of their challenges. It was so easy. All it is, is the Paslee Press – Press Plate No.37 and a strip from Paislee Press – Quintessential No. 3 Pack. I used a high key black and white filter on my photos and added some text in Photoshop. That’s really all there was to it. I like it so much I am going to print if off as the back cover for my Project Life album.

Here is another one I did predominantly with the new Paslee Press collection – Road Trip and a free template supplied by The Lilypad. 

I’ll fess up, my God Daughter has me wrapped around her little finger. Oh and one last thing before I go. You know the best thing about digital scrapbooking? You never need to have another panic attack about cutting in to your new favorite pattern paper.

Today’s song is an oldie but a goodie: Push by Matchbox 20.

I have a fantastic week.