Happy Monday everyone.20130617-171925.jpg This photo perfectly represents the week I have had – no time to sit down for tea. I have had two sick relatives to take care of. One in my own home and one on the other side of town. I’ve been going back and forth all week. Thankfully both of them are on the mend, so I can tackle my mammoth to do list.

Today I managed to finish last weeks Project Life and it is already to be photographed for Instagram and Facebook tomorrow. All the photos for this weeks blogposts are done and edited. Now I just have to write them. We have guests coming all next week so I really need to get on and finish decorating the spare room. Which leads me to this weeks inspiration: Fete Magazine.20130617-172736.jpg This quarters volume has some absolutely brilliant ideas for entertaining in winter. In particular two great stories on having a curry night and winter dinning around a fire pit. I love curry and I know one of our guests do too. His wife not so much. So I think we shall probably try to make our own s’mores as laid out in the magazine. I’ve always wanted to try a s’more.

Our song today? I’m feeling Indie. Lets go with Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men.