Wow, can you believe it’s Monday already?
20130602-163908.jpgThis past week has been packed with good stuff. Our god daughter came to stay for a night and I was reminded that I will never know true busy and until we have children of our own. I am certainly not used to getting up at 7 to get someone else dressed and further more no one should be forced to go to school if there is frost on the car. Having said that, I think Mog is part of a bigger game of bate and switch. This kid is beyond well behaved. After dinner she sat on the floor between CJ and I playing on the iPad. Then out of nowhere she stands up and (as sweet as can be) says goodnight to CJ. Um… did I miss something? Who said it was bedtime? At precisely 8.30 she put herself to bed and there was not another peep. I went in to wake her at 7.15 to find she was already awake reading her reader in bed. Upon seeing me I got the biggest smile. Are all 7 year olds this cute? I’m betting probably not.

Lots of Family stuff this week. Saturday night, my father-in-law and Pa came for dinner. I’ve also had many trips to Pa’s place this week as we work to bring his unit up to scratch to rent again. I can now proudly say I know how to replace a door knob right down to the tongue. I’m really kicking myself that I forgot to take a photo for PL. Speaking of PL, I have 2 impending PL kits due to drop on my doorstep anytime now. First is Kelly Purkey’s kit from Simon Says Stamp. It was shipped on the 25th, so today would be a reasonable expectation. The second is from a local wonder and newly minted vlogger – Jodie from Polka Dot Creative. It was shipped last Thursday. I’m not going to lie – I really hope the Polka Dot kit gets here first. I am not good with self-restraint. When new toys arrive in the mail I want to play with them NOW! The Polka Dot kit is just a better match for last weeks photos and I’m dying to play with some Maggie Holmes papers. I’ll keep you posted.

The Secret Project is coming along. Progress is slower than I would like because the majority of work is being done of an evening but I will not begin to stitch a new colour unless I’ve taken a progress shot in daylight. Pedantic, I know but I honestly can’t help myself.

What’s been inspiring me this week: I’d have to say this book.
20130602-173525.jpg I’m not very far in but already it’s helped me make some changes in order to get more out of my days. I’m sure I’ll probably right a post about it when I have finished reading it.

Our song: got to be ‘Yolo’ by The Lonely Island featuring Adam Levine. What can I say? It cracks me up and even without teeth, Levine is hot.