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March 5, 2016

Project Life Week 2


And I’m back. No seriously, I’m super stoked with my PL spread this week. Ever since Eva was born I have felt a little off my game. Which is really weird because prior to her being born I knew my own style in side out. I’m chalking that up to baby brain and sleep deprivation. Any who, this is how I rocked Hip Kits February Kits:


The Left Side in closer detail:


And the Right Side:


Not going to lie – it’s all about Eva again. At 5 weeks old we were only just beginning to hit our stride. It was also the first week I took Eva out of the house by myself.


I…eh…developed a nasty habit of internet shopping on my phone during late night feeds. This week alone saw 2 kikki-k orders and a Go-To skin care order. Turns outs though it wasn’t really a problem. As soon as Eva started feeding less during the night, I shopped less (WIN-WIN!). On a design note this whole layout is structured around a single piece of Pink Paislee Paper.


Funny story – see the ‘Live Fresh’ cut apart. it’s actually hiding a cushion of the exact same colour underneath. We use it all the time to prop the blind out so the metal bar at the bottom doesn’t hit the wall in the breeze, but it’s a much better photo if you don’t see it. In fact that’s my tip for today: Be mindful of the background in your photos, but if you can’t just embellish over the imperfections. Even if it is smack bag in the middle of the photo.


I knocked up these quick filler cards with the b side of that original piece of Pink Paislee paper and the cut apart sheet. I love when you can show opposites in the same layout. WORK HARD to illustrate my hubby putting up Eva’s port-a-cot. I got to give the man props, those things a ‘challenging’ at the best of times. It’s even more so if you have never even seen one before. The PLAY HARD is paired with yet another pic of both of them playing on the floor. Truth be told, I have a million of them. I love photographing the two of them interacting.


This would be a really cute photo, if it was just a photo. Anyone who knows our cat knows she doesn’t have a protective, loving bone in her body. Actually there has been some mention of her being a vessel of unholy evil. Many were worried for bubba’s health. Turns out Mica doesn’t give a rats behind about the little human. She prefers to be in any other room if Eva’s being noisy, but other than that Eva may as well be another piece of furniture. This being a prime example. My mini title comes from a cut apart that said “Ignore the Critics” and some really great alphas in the Amy Tangerine sticker book from the February Hip Kits Project Life Kit.


Remember my story about late night shopping? This instagram tag was cut from the band around my brand new Kikki-k planner arrived in the mail this week. I love up-cycling packing. It like free pretty paper!


And there you have it. I wish I could take all the credit, but February’s Hip Kits were pretty awesome. So until next week my scrappy friends – go forth and create!

Aimee Xx

September 8, 2015

One Little Bird: TV Guide and Other Lists


We interrupt your scheduled scrapbooking broadcast to bring you this special DIY project – A TV guide. Alright, so its much more than just a TV guide, but at the time of creation I was in desperate need of one.

One Little Bird TV Guide by Aimee Dow
Lately, I’ve noticed I’m slowing down. Not really that usual for a woman who is 6 months pregnant, but it does mean I need to rest a lot – like when I bend over to tie my shoe and somehow manage to wind myself?!?! I have also found that with the long winter I have been watching more TV. There is just one slight problem with these new developments, I can’t for the life of me remember when my shows are on or where to find them!
There is absolutely no doubt my husband is technical genius. He has set up one of the most high tech entertainment systems known to man – you just need a engineering degree to operate it. TiVO, Pay TV, Apple TV, Netflix, the list is huge and it all works brilliantly, until I get my hands on it. The poor guy has to constantly remind me that there are shows waiting for me.
So when Peppermint released the new collection Agenda, I decided it was time to take matters in to my own hands. I would make my own tv guide with ‘days’ that could be switched out and replace at the drop of hat, but the further along I got in to project the more I saw it’s potential for other lists: daily to-do lists, honey do lists, kid’s chore roster, cleaning schedule, the possibilities are endless.
FullSizeRender 2
For a full tutorial on how I digitally created the my cards head on over to the original post on the One Little Bird blog. If not you can just stay here and look at the pretty pictures.
Aimee Xx.
August 12, 2015

Project Life: Week Seventeen


Hiya, I know I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. Will a Project Life a spread make up for it?

Week 17 Project Life Highlights by Aimee Dow

I created this spread for the One Little Bird blog. You can find the full post over here, where I talk about how to mix and match your digital collections and still have a flawless spread. It also has a ton more detailed photos. Here on my personal blog, I want to write about something a little closer to my heart. Something that is not written or pictured in the spread, but is a huge part of our story.

Week 17 Left Side by Aimee Dow

This is spread that preceded me finding out I was pregnant – by one day. In hindsight the writing was all over the wall.

Week 17 Right Side by Aimee Dow

This whole week I didn’t feel right. I remember feeling like I was getting ‘slow’. I was forgetting stupid little things and that’s what caused me to go in search of a brain training app.

That walk we took in the city and the photo of the leaves? I was feeling ill. I told CJ I thought some fresh air would help, but when I looked down from taking the photo I remember feeling dizzy. Cross my heart I thought I was coming down with something. Idiot!

The biggest tip off came Tuesday AND it might as well of been a GIANT ALBINO ELEPHANT  in a snow storm, because I still missed it. I hate K.F.C. to point where 4 years ago I made a new years resolution never to eat it again. I’m proud to say it’s the one and only resolutions I have ever kept, but that’s a story for another day. The night in question, I was exhausted. I’d been sleeping nearly 14 hours a night and it still wasn’t enough. I could not even bring myself to think about cooking dinner, so I begged my husband to get take away. I even sweetened the deal by saying I would go through the K.F.C. drive through for him (He loves it), and true to my word I did. I then drove the 2 blocks to Red Rooster for my dinner, but in that short space of time the smell of the K.F.C. filled my car. Never had I been so affected by a smell. I really thought I was going to purk. If right now your thinking  – ‘Gee she’s not very bright’, I don’t blame you.

On Saturday, I went to help my sister move. It wasn’t until I climbed in to bed that night that all the pieces began to fit together in my mind. I remember lying in bed trying to do the math, but being too tired. I figured what the hell, I’d just take a test in the morning and then I wouldn’t need to worry about the math. That was the very last night, I thought of my self as a childless person.

Now that I have had a gross miss overshare – you can go and read all the technical stuff on the collections I used and how it all came together here. Oh…yeah, that was probably why you were here in the first place, huh? Next time, I promise.

Aimee Xx

June 15, 2015

The Spotlight Tour Blog Hop & A Big Freaking Giveaway


If you follow me on Instagram, you may just remember way back in March when I traveled across the state to meet Amy Tangerine and Heidi Swapp?

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

The event was put on by Spotlight Australia to help celebrate their national craft month, and I must say to my mind it was an epic success. I had so much fun at these events, I meet new friends and I got to play with products I would not normally even consider buying. I also got to meet scrapbook royalty and I am not just talking about Heidi Swapp and Amy Tangerine.

In the scheme of things I have not been in the scrapbooking world too long. In fact just over two and a half years now, but in my time I have come to know some really amazing Aussies such as Natalie Elphinstone, Kim Jeffress and Leeann Pearce. All three are flat out superstars in my eyes and I was beside myself excited meet them in person. (Also, I’m not going to lie, I REALLY wanted to have a hold of baby Judah 🙂 It was SO good to meet these amazing women in person and as we continued to talk after the event, we decided to hold our own blog hop!

The idea was pretty simple. We would all scrap a photos taken from the event, but to make things a little more fun for our readers we decided to include a giveaway. Not just any giveaway, a giveaway of epic proportions! But to do that you need a pretty awesome sponsor, enter: SPOTLIGHT! First, before we go in to details about that let me show you my page.


Ironically, this might just go down in history as the quickest and most refined page I have ever done. I don’t usually use pattern paper for the background of pages, but this Heidi Swapp paper is my all time favourite. I’ve been hoarding like a kid hoards halloween candy. I felt deep down though, that it was time to let go. I mean if you can’t use it for a page that is ABOUT Heidi Swapp when can you use it?


I used the grid theme that was already going on in the pattern paper to build my page. I cut my title (with the silhouette) and mounted it to gold glitter paper with pop dots to give it some demention. kept the embellishments really simple. I didn’t want to detract from my photos.


All it took was a few gold glitter Heidi Swapp sentiment stickers and I was happy. Well almost. I tried to type a tag with the days highlights but it just didn’t fit. In fact by the time I finished journaling I had 600 words… oops. In times like these I all was attach it to the back of the page, which works out really well because the back is really cute bows!

Alright, alright now for the part you have all been waiting for – The Giveaway.

Spotlight have been kind enough to donate $100 dollars worth of products to each of the four blogs to give away as we see fit. The rules and prizes will vary from each blog to blog so make sure you read each blog post carefully.


This is what I have been given to giveaway. I will be breaking it in two to create a first and second prize. First prize is only open to Australian entrants, Second Prize is open to anyone from anywhere. I will post in-depth photos of both prize packs tomorrow both here on the blog and on Instagram. The giveaway is open until 8pm Wednesday night Australian time!

To enter all you need to do is:

Be or become a follower of mine on Instagram and leave a comment below about anything you have seen or read in todays post. Please be sure to leave your Name, which country you are from (so I know which draws to enter you in) and your Instagram username. That’s it, its really that simple.

Your next hop is:

Kim Jeffress over at Glass Half Full.

Oh and don’t forget stop by and visit:

Leeann Pearce at The Paint Brush goes Spottie.


Natalie Elphinstone at One Scrappy Doctor.

Good Luck Xx

 This post was proudly bought to with the help of


July 9, 2014

A guide for Scrapbooking Refugees (or) how I organise my Raskog Cart



I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile. Almost a month in fact. When the idea first came to mind I had just received my Studio Calico Hello Hello kit and the Studio Calico website had just published Carissa Wiley’s studio pictures. I was madly in love with her craft space, but the truth is a dedicated space is not always an option for those who scrap casually.

This past weekend I started work on my studio, it’s been a long time coming and it will be a long time until it’s finished. Mostly because of a desk. I am after something very particular. So until the standing desk of my dreams is found or created (industrial style, 5 ft long, that fits perfectly under the window), I will continue to be a scrapbook refugee – by that I mean I consistently trash the dining room table. This approach however has serious limitations, for starters every time I needed something I’d have to wander though the house to the study to get it. I’d get side tracked half way there or worse still get there and not remember what I came for. That was until the Raskog cart.


This is where it lives when it’s not in use. This is my Studio at the moment. I got the stool for my mythical desk for easter. The window on the left will be where my desk eventually lives.

Past Studio Calico Kit storage

I keep past Studio Calico kits stored in my vintage pepsi box under the desk. They only ever really get pulled out if I have a project in mind otherwise I try to keep all the new and fresh supplies in the cart.

Top tray of my raskog cart

On the top tray of my Raskog I try to keep the essentials. I am a big believer in ‘out of sight, out of mind’. If I can see my supplies I am much more likely to use them. At the back you will see the Hello Hello Scrapbooking kit and add ons. There is also a box of American crafts white cardstock – can’t live without that. In my ceramic punnets (from Lark) I keep the most recent Studio Calico Project Life Cards, The Stamps from all the current kits, any loose embellishments (washi, paint and usually my favorite black ink and an acrylic block) last, but not least all my tags.


I keep my essentials chipboard shapes in screw towers. I just find they are great to have on hand especially if you have a gap on a page or spread. They are really versatile and I like the way they look in the towers. Just from this quick glance you can see I need to order more green geotags.

embellishment-ringI keep current kit embellishment packs on a ring – not just the scrapbooking kit, all add ons and the PL packs as well. This was one of the best ideas I ever had. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to clear off the entire dinning room table just to find a particular page of stickers.

Essentials Cup guide

And then there is the cup of things I can not live without.

Tray 2

Tray two has all my storage boxes (3), the enamel dot ring (because you can never have enough), a Studio Calico bag with last months pack embellishments and my tiny attacher. Shall we look inside my boxes?


Colour coordinated of course.

veneer storage

The last box is huge. It fills the entire base of the tray. Right now half is dedicated to loose embellishments and the other half is for loose alphas.  I intend to buy another one and split them, but at this point in time it’s not really needed. I still have a ton of space in it.

Loose storage box

I love this style of scrapbooking. It’s kinda like the lolly bar target used to have when I was a kid. You lay all the boxes out on the table and you just pick and choose what you want for your layout and before you know it your done!

Tray 3

The last tray is nothing really to write home about. I use a lot of 6×6 pads for project life, they smaller patterns work better in my opinion. Here in the tray they are easier to flip though than when they were stacked on my bookshelf. I also keep past project life cards in their boxes. On a side note, when not in use I keep my cutter in this tray (as you can see in the top photo). The reasons for this is two fold: 1. It’s really handy. 2. It stops the cat climbing in there, making herself at home and chewing the corner of the pads. Learnt that lesson the hard way.

That just about wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed this little look into my ‘system’. Leave a comment if you’d like to see a post of about my studio minus a desk or if you have written a post on your organizational systems. I’d love to see.

Aimee xx


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