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December 14, 2013

Daily December – Pages 2 though 5


This post orginally apeared on the Polly Scrap Blog. Good Afternoon! The sun is shining here in Victoria today and I am chomping at the bit to get outside and read. So I promise for all of our sakes, I shall keep today’s post short, but sweet.

Today I will be showing you pages two through five. I’m still behind, but I am very proud to admit that no page has taken me longer than an hour. As you can see from this spread, I’m still digitally adding my numbers and staining my veneers. I didn’t do prep pages, so when it came to making this page I pulled papers from the kit that I thought would match the roof of the house. It was just good fortune there was a ‘Ticket Home’ in the same colour in the kit – I wonder if that was deliberate.

This page took me all of five minutes. Mog woke up on the 5th to find tinsel ALL OVER her room. It was one of the most magical moments I experienced while she was living with us and I wanted to remember it just the way it happened. No need to go overboard on design. I did however cut up some of the tinsel to go in as memorabilia.


I’m still not a 100% sure I love this page. I love the photos, but the rest… The problem is if I start tinkering I could be there for hours. I don’t mind that so much with my project life because I have a week or so to do it, but that’s just not the case for December Daily and I promised myself: close enough is good enough (until I get to the end and then I’ll come back and fix the things that drive me mad). I’m showing you now just in case I decide to change it in the future.

I do love this page. The colour scheme was pulled from the photo. If you are wondering why the music on the bottom card runs down instead of across – it isn’t a mistake. This gorgeous paper is the B side to one of the amazing cut apart sheets in the kit. It was a torturous decision. I knew in my heart of hearts it was the right paper to use, but I took particular care to only cut up the cards I didn’t like so much. The cute tag and sequin stars are all part of the kit too. I just vintaged (not a real word, but I’m going to use it anyway) it up with an old postal stamp I had on hand.

 That about wraps it up for me. Enjoy your weekend,

 Aimee xx

December 10, 2013

December Daily – Day 1


This post originally appeared on the Polly Scrap Blog. Can you believe we are already a third of the way through December? Crazy, right? I have to admit I’m not quite up to date with my album, but I am totally okay with that. December to me is all about making the memories, not so much about the documenting. It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to take a simple approach with my album. Simple is best:

Not bad for a girl who out-and-out hates red. I had planned for a navy, white and woodgrain album, but somehow that just went right out the window. It all started with the big photo. Oh how I love this photo.

I added the number directly to the photo before printing because I have a huge fear of entering next year with a thousand packs of thickers, with no numbers. I added the Elle’s Studio piece later because the sentiment was just perfect and it brought a little red to the left side.

I did manage to work in a woodgrain element by staining this freckled fawn veneer. I really like the effect of the dark veneer and I have stained a few more to go into the album in future, but I did also learn a valuable lesson: for the love of all that is holy – screw the lid on the stain as soon as you finish with it, BEFORE you stain the veneer. Take it from a woman who had to reprint her photos. The ‘oh christmas tree’ stamp is not mine, it’s Kellie’s. Can’t for the life of me figure out why I didn’t think to design one.

When I designed this card, I didn’t really think about where I would include it in the album. It ended up here on the first page because the kraft and the red colours tied in really nicely with the big photo. The first day of December is as good as any other for the calendar card, right?

You may have noticed my album is a little different to the one you are working with. I am using a capture album from Basic Grey – the pockets are not quite the same design as Studio Calico and Snap designs. On the right page there is a one and a quarter inch pocket across the middle. I thought it would be a great opportunity to make a photo strip with the extra photos. It took me five minutes in photoshop and I printed on my new selphy. What can I say – we have a lot of fun putting up the tree.

Okay, I admit this card didn’t turn out as I pictured it in my head. I had hoped to type on the tag, but the darn thing just wouldn’t go through the typewriter. I also tried to do that awesome messy thread wrap thing that Kayla does so well, but that girl is in a league of her own. I really am going to hit her up for a lesson. What I do love about this card is the story and the backing paper. When we were putting the kit together, this was one of Ruth’s picks. I’m so glad she fought hard for it.

The majority of the embellishments are from the Polly December daily, along with the paper and filler cards. This kit is just jam-packed with so many goodies; it’s like Christmas came early. If you would like your own Christmas treat in the mail, you can still buy it here.

December 9, 2013

Have you seen my stamps?


No seriously, have you? If you are on this wonderful Polly Blog Hop, I’m guessing you have. I hate to gush, but I really can’t help myself. Six months ago, when Ruth came to me and asked if I would come on board as a Polly designer, I had no hesitation in saying yes. As a web designer I thought surely my skills would just transfer across… umm … no. There was a lot to be learned about designing physical products and the day the proofs arrived, I cried. I am SO proud of these three stamp sets and I find myself going back to them over and over again.

Click on any set to get a better look. At the end of the design process, hands down Backwoods Christmas was my favorite set.  But now that I have had a chance to play with them, it’s a hard call. I recently completed Week 40 using the ‘Birds of a Feather’ set and Dear Lizzy’s Polka Dot Party mini kit:

On the first page, the cute little bird house stamp and ‘The little chicks are’ stamp are both from the birds of a feather set. It worked out so well because the top card looked so unbalanced compared to all the other cards in the top row. I could have chosen to use watercolors to colour it in, but the black and white tied in nicely with the midnight cards. This is by far one of my favorite layouts for this year.

As I am sure my lovely blog hop partners have shown you – my stamps aren’t just for Project Life. I used the Bow from Backwoods Christmas to create tags for my Christmas Presents.

Or you could even create your own BBQ invites just like me! I did tell you – I use them on everything! 

I didn’t have watercolors on hand so I just watered down some of my mists to colour in the BBQ stamp and paint on the grass. It really could not have been any easier.

And now for your chance to get a hold of one of my stamp sets for free! Yay for a giveaway:

Welcome to the Polly! Scrap Kits blog hop celebrating our stamps! Leave a comment on any of the blogs in the hop to go in the running to win your choice of the 3 stamp sets in the Polly store. The giveaway will close in one week, so make sure you comment before Monday 16th December 2013.
Please be sure to check out the other extremely talented guest designers joining some of the Polly Design Team. Here is the list in case you get lost along the way.

Start here >> the Polly blog (http://pollyscrapkits.blogspot.com.au/)
Manda http://mandalika-designs.com/
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Caroline http://nightwolfsden.com/
and Here.

AND if that was not enough – everyone likes a sale right? To celebrate the blog hop and all these amazing projects, you can have 20% off all stamps in the store using the code stamps20 for today only. That’s right, if you order early you get 20% off all stamps AND a free stamp gift with your order. What a deal!!

November 27, 2013

Life.Paper.Scrapbook. Traditions Challenge.


Good Morning! Did you know today is the day Life.Paper.Scrapbook. announces this months Project Life challenge? It’s true! This month’s challenge is very near and dear to my heart. The challenge is to create a layout that celebrates a tradition. It doesn’t have to be about Christmas but at this point in the year, that’s almost a gimme.

I don’t have a big family; at its core there is just my Pa, my husband and I. I have found over the years that the little traditions, like going to the market with Pa on Sunday Morning are hugely important. Not only do they give me something to look forward to but they also strength our relationship. Documenting it gives me time to reflect and it instils me with a sense of gratitude for these small rituals. Anyway you didn’t come here to hear my blather on, you came to see a spread:

Left Side-

Right Side-

Journaling on our tradition-

Tradition journaling, photos and filler card-

As always L.P.S. in conjunction with Gossamer Blue are offering a magnificent prize – the Gossamer Blue December Life Pages kit! All you have to do is head over to the L.P.S. site and enter your layout that represents a tradition and you will go in running to win this great prize.

It’s been a while since I have had the opportunity to create a spread that I am truly in love with. So I really want to thank Polly Scrapkits for an amazing November kit. The kit is still available for purchase here. You can also see more picture and read my thoughts about the kit here on the Polly blog.

November 23, 2013

My December Daily Album 2013


This is a post was written for the Polly! Blog.

Hi, Aimee here. I’m super excited to be here today to kick off the first of our December Daily series.  By now, I’m sure many of you have started amassing a pile of Christmas supplies. I know I have! This year, I’ll be using the Polly December Daily kit and whatever else I find lying around. I have to admit that I’m not really one for preparing pages. Partly because I like to use the colours from my photos to dictate a layout and well… I don’t have kids, so scrapping everyday is not that much of a drama. I have, however, taken the time to pimp out my album. Would you like to see?

Now three days, four coats of paint and a hot glue gun burn later, I want to talk to you today about inspiration.  I do truly believe that creativity is just like a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it gets. Personally, more often than not, I have a vision for a project long before I begin, but what if you don’t know where it is that you’re headed? What if you want to tackle a project, but have no idea where to start?  It’s a great question and that’s exactly where I found myself at 4am on Thursday. I had just wrapped up another amazing project that encompassed 3 of my CT teams. I was pumped and motivated by the result. I was up early to watch the Becky Higgins Creative Live class. I sat down on the floor behind my coffee table to watch the class with a bare Basic Grey Capture Album in front of me and… nothing. No ideas at all. What is a girl to do in situations like this?

Well my first port of call is always Pinterest. I adore Pinterest because the cream of the crop naturally rises to the top. It’s different from doing a Google search because Google works on a very particular algorithm that is influenced by your previous searches. Pinterest is people-powered. The more pins and likes it has, the more likely it is to show up in your search. I did get an idea for a misted cover, but ultimately abandoned it because my mist was the wrong shade of green.

Next stop is always Instagram.  There is something truly wonderful about Instagram because not everybody’s album looks posed and perfect. I also love that it all happens in real time. People are working on their albums at the exact same time as you. Sadly, in this case there were A LOT of red binding star albums out there, which wasn’t a lot of help to me.

Usually, if I’m still out of luck by this point, I would head for the big galleries, such as Studio Calico, Two Peas or even here, but you can guess what that would result in… red binding, painted stars.

Lean in just a little closer, because now I’m going to fill you in on a secret. My absolute last stop, which never seems to fail, are the archives. I head to my favourite blogs, the blogs written by my scrapping Idols, and I search their tags for relevant topics. More often than not, the posts go back many, many years and guess what I found?

This was an image I found of Elizabeth Kartchner’s (Dear Lizzy) Daily December album from 2011.  I loved the simple title and the use of frame.  I also felt the combination of textures were brilliant. The doily, washi, wood and glitter are just a great combination. I used enamel dots as a nod to her confetti motif.

So how did it come together?

1. Gather supplies. I didn’t have a frame similar to the one in the picture. The one you see on the front of my album is actually a letter stencil. I used to use it to address letters back in my pen pal days. The doily came from my present wrapping supplies. I dug through my washi basket to find all my red tape and I’ve got an uber crush on velvet ribbon right now.

2. Paint. I masked off the binding on my album (P.S. this album can be found in the Polly store) with washi and painted the front and back covers with Acrylic white paint. It took 4 coats over a period of a day and a half. I wasn’t really prepared to use a heat tool to dry the paint between coats because I have heard rumours of it warping the cardboard. Once dry, I gave it a light sand with fine sand paper to remove brush marks.

3. Layering and placement. Long before glue was involved, I shuffled the elements around and around until I was happy. I asked my scrappy friends, I asked my husband… then I ignored them all and did what I liked.

4. If it can’t survive a toddler attack, you didn’t use enough glue. I’m a minimalist and, don’t get me wrong, I understand the logic behind making flat covers, but I really do love mine so the only other option was glue and lots of it. I used a hot glue gun to glue everything (EVERYTHING) down.

5. Ta-da! Admire your handiwork.

Just in case you were wondering, here is my supply list:

  • Green Basic Grey Capture Album
  • Red Velvet Ribbon
  • White Doily
  • Maggie Holmes Gold Daiquiri Thickers
  • Freckled Fawn Red Stripe Washi
  • Small Freckled Fawn Red Sequin Bow
  • Wooden Letter Stencil
  • Red Enamel dots form the DD kit
  • Gold Enamel Dots from past Polly Kits
  • Green Enamel Dot I found lose on the bookcase

Just a few more things before I leave you. If you are using the Polly kit too, please feel free to tag me in any and all social media. I love seeing how you are all using my designs. There is no greater feeling as a designer. Oh and just a reminder, there are still December Daily kits and Christmas stamps available in store. Any questions?

Have a fantastic weekend.

Aimee xx


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