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January 14, 2015

How to digitally double expose a photo


So I know most of you are largely unaware of my digital scrapping. It appears here on the blog every now and again, but largely it’s just something I share over at The Lilypad. I created one layout at the end of last year though that went kinda nuts. Every week, without fail, it shows up in my Pinterest feed and I am always asked – How did you do that?!?! To be honest, I have been reluctant to share my secret because the truth is, it was an accident. Shall we have a look?

Love this Life by Aimee Dow

It all came about late one Friday afternoon while I was rushing around like a headless chicken, I had been asked to submit a photo to the Studio Calico Snapshots class and provide a prompt for the class to work on. I was also working on editing the photos to go to print. It’s not remotely uncommon for me to have 10 tabs open in Photoshop at a time and since I never bother to name anything, all the tabs say “Untitled – X”.

Photos by Aimee Dow

The photo on the left was the one I was submitting as the prompt and the photo on the right was about to go to print. I grabbed the layer containing the photo on the right and pulled it across to the tab that I thought was my 6×4 white border template and let go, but instead what I got was a cropped 4×6 photo. I thought to myself  – ‘what the hell?’ and dropped the opacity to see what was underneath my newly placed layer. It was at this point I discovered my mistake AND how to double expose a photo.

Mistake by Aimee Dow

I saved my mistake because I thought one day I might like to use it. At the time I had absolutely no idea how or why I would, but less than a month later Peppermint released a collection called the Love List, which turned out to be a perfect match for the photo. So now you have read the story of my mistake, let me redeem myself with a more dignified way of producing my results.

Step one: Open background photo in Photoshop. I suggest the darker of the two for the best results, but it doesn’t really matter. You can reorder the layers if need be.

Step two: Drag and drop the second photo on top of the first. This can be done in two ways. You can drag and drop from an open folder on your desktop or by dragging the image from another open tab. Now you should have two layers in your layer panel.

Step three: With the second layer selected, manipulate Layer size and placement (Ctrl +T), as well as the Opacity and the Blending Mode until you are happy with the result (Hint: both are found at the top of the layer panel – The Blending Mode is a drop down menu that should start off saying “normal”). Here is a look at my worktop and what is displayed in my layer panel when I have achieved my desired look. Click on the worktop photo to make it larger.


You can see I dropped the opacity to 40% and changed the blending mode to “Hard Light”, but for you it will really depend on the photos you are trying to merge together. It is very much a game of trial and error.

Layers Panel by Aimee Dow

From there, all that’s left to do is save. Remember – always save your Photoshop file along with your JPEG, just in case you wish to edit it later. I also recommend you do any editing to your photos prior to attempting this tutorial. It makes life easier.

Any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Until next time – Happy Hump Day!

Aimee xx

September 24, 2014

Studio Calico Snapshot Class: Week 1


Let me start off by saying I have never done a photo challenge before in my life. Despite Monday’s decoration to join the #365craftingtime challenge, I am usually very wary of such things. I hate committing to something I can’t give my all, I hate doing something because it’s cool or a fad (apposed to doing something because I enjoy it) and most of all I believe in walking my own path. I don’t need others to stretch me. Then a funny thing happened, The 1st of September rolled around and my wonderful husband presented me with a new camera, then my dear friend Emma of ‘Title goes here‘ gifted me a Studio Calico voucher for just over the amount of the class. A sign maybe? I figured I had nothing to lose and at the very least I’d get a chance to practice with my new camera. So shall we have a look at the first week of prompts:


Adow_SnapshotPrompt1_WordsCanon EOS D60. Edited in Photoshop.

I am so insanely lucky to have talented friends. As a left hander with an aversion to mess, I pretty much knew from the the get go that brush script wasn’t for me. I do, however, REALLY like the look of it. Enter Jodie from Polka Dot Creative. In August I had commissioned 4 pieces from Jodie for a project I was working on. This is the one that sits on the sideboard at the end of my bed. Everyday these words remind me to push myself just that little bit further and they are possibly the words I repeat to myself most during the day. It seemed only fair that they should for-fill the word prompt too.



iPhone 5S. Edited with VSCOcam.

I had seen a picture somewhat similar to this on Pinterest months ago and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try and recreate it. There where just a few problems with that idea: 1. I was never going to convince my husband to have the big camera in bed. 2. Even though we typically sleep late, I still wasn’t keen on getting out of bed and opening the blinds for more lights. 3. Taking a photo from this angle is really hard and finally 4. When it came to editing I got a little shy about what was shown. I over exposed it so you can’t actually tell my leg from the sheet anymore. Given all that, I still really like this photo. If anything it’s more ‘us’ than the original.


Adow_SnapshotPromt3_Noise (2)

iPhone 5S. Edited in photoshop.

I figured this would be my most challenging prompt so far. I live a very quiet life, unless you ask my husband, who will flat out tell you I listen to my headphone at a volume that will eventually make me deaf. It just so happened though, that on the day this prompt came up I was picking my god daughter up from school. I was just walking though the gates as the bell rang and the hoards of children spilled out of their classroom, all competing to be heard by one another. I had forgotten what this noise was like and quickly grabbed my phone to take a picture.



Canon EOS 60D. Edited with Photoshop + Florabella Luxe II Actions.

Mog stayed with us on Thursday night and had a curriculum day Friday, so there was absolutely no hurry to get out of bed. Not that Mog has ever stuck to that. I usually get up at 7 to check on her, give her the iPad and toast and we agree that she will stay in bed until 9:30. This particular morning though she wanted to tell me a few things. Mog asked me about my birthday and what I had got, so I showed her my camera. I took a few snaps while we were talking. She has grown up so much since she lived with us last year. Not only in maturity but her curls have got so much longer too. I think this might just be my favorite photo of Mog.



Canon EOS 60D. Edited with Photoshop + Florabella Luxe II Actions.

Saturday was a crazy day. I was run off my feet running errand for my family. I went into town to pick out fathers days presents for my Pa. I had to print some photos for my sister, pick up my Pa’s dog from the kennel and dog sat until he could come home a church gathering. It wasn’t until right on dusk when I got a moment to myself. I took my camera from the shelf and head outside for a walk, but I didn’t get very far. After maybe 100 meters I could still feel my mind racing with my to do list and stopped dead in my tracks. I took a couple of deep breaths and made a conscious effort to look at the world around me. That when I saw the shot. The last light of the day was just peaking though the trees and finally for the first time that day I was in the ‘now’.



Canon EOS 60D. Edited with Photoshop + Flora Bella Classic Workflow Actions.

Anyone who has followed me on instagram for more than a month knows: Sunday is pancake day in our house. I take pictures of pancakes more than any other object. In fact I intend to make a photo book about it one day. This Sunday was a little different. It was father’s day here in Australia and we invited Pa over for brunch. I really went to town on the spread: Blueberries, Strawberries, Lemon, Sugar, 3 flavors of Ice-cream and genuine Canadian Maple syrup. I can guarantee you we all left the table feeling very loaded. What I like most about this photo is depth. My regular pancake shots on my phone are somewhat 2 dimensional.

Guilty Pleasure:


Canon EOS 60D. Edited with Photoshop + Flora Bella Classic Workflow Actions.

There is a bit of a story behind this one. You all know I can’t get enough food styling shots. I consider it the sophisticated selfie, but very rarely do I ever take process shots. The light in my kitchen just isn’t very good after 11 A.M. but in April’s caption for this prompt she asked us to consider including our hands. I haven’t really mastered taking photos with my tongue yet and I don’t have a remote, so it was going to have to use someone else’s hands.

The opportunity for this prompt occurred somewhere around 2 on Monday afternoon. My husband was banging around in the kitchen, so I went to investigate. He was in the process of gathering all his ingredients for his peanut butter cookies. Over the past year I have become more and more familiar with this recipe. It was born from a reprimand I served after he was repeatedly busted eating peanut butter from the jar with a tea spoon. His way around his disgruntled wife was to find a cookie recipe which is, at it’s core, is just peanut butter, an egg, sugar and salt. That’s it. Now I know how bad that sounds and part of me might even be willing to let him go back to eating peanut butter from the Jar, but they really do taste amazing. These cookies have well and truly earned the award for our guilty pleasure.

Well that wraps up the first week of class. If you wish to join me you can still buy the class here. I don’t get benefit from you buying the class other than your company in the gallery and message boards, but I still would highly recommend it. Despite my opening paragraph, I have been stretched to try new things and it has made me think of my photography in a different way. Also if you would like to commission a piece of Jodie’s brush script you can email her at: jodie@polkadotcreative.com.au or you can check out the wonderful variety she already has in her store. Oh and it goes without saying, these image’s belong to me. If you wish to use them please ask first.

Well, that turned out to be a long post. Until next time.

Aimee xx

August 3, 2013

Perth Snaps


I’m being a sook. I really need to get some Project Life done but it all begins with the photo edit. I have a love/hate relationship with the editing process. Today, however I hate it. Mostly because it requires me siting the freezing study. I’ve done my best, I’ve edited a lot of snaps on the vsco iPad app but alas there is still more to be done. Here is my morning work so far: 20130802-134622.jpg20130802-134642.jpg20130802-134707.jpg20130802-134727.jpg20130802-134754.jpg20130802-134804.jpg20130802-134824.jpg20130802-192229.jpg20130802-134841.jpg
Hmm get the feeling this spread might be blue.


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