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November 4, 2015

November Jot Moodboard


One of the biggest things I cherish about being a Jot Girl is it let’s me going shopping in my own stash. I love just spending an afternoon creating with the things I find in the bottom of a draw or in the miscellaneous embellishment basket. It almost always produces my favourite kind of layouts – even if (as you will soon see) I wander a little off task.


This is one of my favourite layouts in a long time. The moodboard made me think of spring and the sweet things in life. So that’s where I started my layout. My layout is all about simple pleasures, like handmade vintage quilts, roses from the garden, new magazines and all many other happy things. It turns out though, my happy things just couldn’t be limited to pink and yellow…


To be fair I did start out with a plan just use pink and yellow. I went though all my scraps in the scrap bucket and pulled everything pink and yellow, but as I was nearing the bottom of bucket I found some vintage orange floral brocade from basic grey. It had to be at least 5 years old because I know for a fact I hadn’t used it in this house and we have been here just over 4 years now. The brocade was a perfect match for the roses in my photo and I figured I was only slightly bending the rules because of course I was still using a floral element.


So right about now you might now ask yourself how I ended up with the green and mint. Well I just kinda needed it for balance. I must admit I have this fight with myself a lot – Do you stay true to the challenge or take a detour to something that is possibly better? Eh… no prizes for guessing which path I ended up on.


It just turned out be the right call on that particular day. Believe me there have been many days when it wasn’t, but I am a big fan of the old saying nothing ventured, nothing gained. ‘My Fave’ is my new fave layout and even though it was more of a jumping off point than direct inspiration, I have this months Jot Moodboard to thank for it.

I would absolutely love to see how this board inspires you. Be sure to load your project to the Jot Moodboard Gallery over here, for a chance to win great prizes and lots love from our amazing community.

October 6, 2015

October Jot Mood Board


One of the hardest parts of scrapbooking semi professionally is when you have to sit on layout until a publishing date. Often the better you think a layout is, the harder it is to wait. So let me just start off by saying – keeping this layout under wraps for a mere week has been absolute torture.


I know, I am usually the first to excuse myself when things get messy, but when you see this mood board, it is honestly perfection:


Leanne Allison blew all of us Jot girls away with this one and the projects that the other girls produced really reflect that (See gallery here). I personally love Natalie Elphinstone’s card which has a very literal take on the board with her amazing water coloured map and I seriously can’t get enough of Kim Archer’s page. How can someone create something that looks so random in construction and yet have perfect balance? Amazing.

For me though, it was as if the mood board told an entirely different story. Each picture was a peice of a bigger puzzle – The colour palette and world map spoke to me of adventure and exploration – Both ideas I  eagerly wanted to include in my page.


While the hand drawn circles and the watercolour swatch reminded me of cartography and topological maps, which I tried to emulate this ideas by cutting out mountains and then watercolored behind them. I also took a slightly different direction when it came to the hand drawn circles. I decided instead to hand draw lines on my page, so it looked like a map that had been folded up in someone’s pocket… you know before we all carried maps on our phones?


The paint, if I am brutally honest, was a complete and utter experiment. I had no idea what I was doing or what it would look like. I just went with my gut. I am so wrapped with how it all came together in the end. It seemed only fitting that I should use one of my all time favourite photos as us the centre piece.

If you have the time, I really do urge you to give this challenge a go. The projects this little old mood board has inspired already show it’s amazing inspirational powers AND if you enter it over on the Jot blog there is a chance to win prizes! Double yay! I can not wait to see what you all come up with.

Aimee Xx

September 5, 2015

September Jot Moodboard


Just a quick pop in today – it’s been such a huge week. Hubby and I went away to celebrate my 31st Birthday/Babymoon and I have come to realise just how spoilt I am. On Wednesday, I went to visit Amy Tan on her latest spotlight tour. Thursday, poor CJ came down with a really bad case of the man flu and just yesterday we attended our very first antenatal class. So much is changing around here, but I am still trying to maintain my craft habit, even if it is just for a few minutes a day. It all counts! This super quick and easy card I made for this month’s Jot Mood Board is great example of that.


I must confess this is not a colour scheme I have had a lot of practice with and the Mood Board itself has a very retro Scandinavian vibe. Once I had gone though my 6×6 pads for blue and pink florals, I managed to come up with something completely different. I’m calling it “retro glam rock tattoo style” and you know, I kinda dig it! It’s great mix of Shimelle’s first collection (Did you know American Crafts often makes pre-made card bases and envelopes to go with popular collections?) and Basic Grey’s Mint Julep. Triple point score to me for using TWO collections that are over year old.

Now let me see how you rock the board:

September Jot Moodboard

Don’t forget add your entries over on the Jot blog for chance to win this month’s great prize pack from Elle’s Studio and some love from the amazing Jot community.

Aimee Xx

April 2, 2015

Jot Magazine – April’s Mood Board


Well, March went by in the blink of on eye, didn’t it? I have so much to tell you. I went on a MAD creating binge right before Amy Tangerine arrived down under, then I went away for a week so I could see Amy and Heidi Swapp in Melbourne. Then I arrived home to some very exciting news. Alas that will all have to wait for another day, because today I am hear to show you my Jot Mood Board entry for April. I can not tell you just how hard it has been to sit on this layout for a week. So without further ado: Eggcellent!

Eggcellent by Aimee Dow

First of all I would like to point out that I suck so much at mood boards. It stems from the fact that I use the photo as my pallet rather than working from a collection or theme. What made this attempted 10 times worse was I was being badgered to scrap in a house that was not my own. To be precise, my mum’s scrap room. Lord knows she has absolutely everything I will ever need to scrap (we both freely admit she has 20 times the supplies that I do), but do you think I could find anything? It took me 35 minutes to find that wood grain paper. The whole layout took nearly 6 hours. So now you know why I am so proud.

Eggcellent By Aimee Dow_Detail1

I printed photos to take with me to scrap at mum’s place, but this wasn’t one of them. I had two in mind for the Jot board that I thought would work, but when it the came to the crunch… nothing. I found this photo in the bottom of my scrap bag. It had been left after Scrap Camp in February. I guess the scrap gods were looking out for my sanity.

Eggcellent By Aimee Dow_Detail2

Another big factor in the success of my page was Mum’s local scrap store: Sassy Scrapper. Olga the owner is truly amazing. She let me special order ALL the new Crate Paper lines so I could pick them up the next time I came to visit. It was a giant box of happiness and yet another reason why I will always try to support local suppliers. On a side note, if you haven’t been to the Sassy Scrapper site lately, I highly recommend it. It’s just had an amazing makeover.

Eggcellent By Aimee Dow_Detail3

There is a lot to love about this page. It has glitter and metallic, tons of layers and textures, a witty title although if I had my time again I’d call it “EGGSTATIC”. Alright, clearly I have too much time of my hands. The irony is, I would have far less time if I actually baked something with our over abundance of eggs, rather than just scrapping about it, but there is just something really exciting about the first time you keep chickens and they start to lay. Just take my word for it.

Jot Magazine Moodboard April 2015

Please go check out the other Jot Girl’s entries here. They really are amazing and most of them didn’t ignore the green like me. To be fair though I feel like I should get bonus points for incorporating the eggs and the wood grain, but really who’s keeping score? I don’t get to compete for the amazing prizes like you all do. I just get all the stress of voting for a winner. We just voted on last months entries – OH MY GOD! So hard, but I guess that’s just what you get for offering amazing prizes. If you would like to enter this months challenge you can find all the details here. Give me a nudge if you do. I would love to come check out your take too.

Happy Easter my dear friends,

Aimee xx


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