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November 9, 2015

Hip Kits: Project Life Week Ten


Once upon a time I used to known as a Project Lifer. Crazy, I know! When Kimberly asked me to join the Hip Kit PL team I was a little apprehensive. It had been so long and it works a whole lot better when I have a working routine in place. A month in to my stint and while I still don’t feel like I am completely back in to my grove yet, this last spread I did for Hip Kits feels pretty close to my old style.


I was kinda going for a balanced colour blocked theme, which wasn’t too hard to achieve given a lot of my photos from this week had a very dominant colour either because of the time of day or some crafty editing. Here is a closer look at the left side:


Everything you see in the way of paper supplies are from the October’s Hip Kits. The digital week stamp is from Peppermint’s ‘Weekly Edition’. Love that set. It just makes life so easy. Here is the right side:


I secretly like this page best, even though it reminds me of a trip to the dentist.


Technique wise there is really only 1 scrap and 1 photographic one of note. I broke out the silhouette to do the camp card. I could have just used one of the two mini alpha sets that were in the kits, but it would have stuffed my colour blocking.


The photographic one is a little more challenging. I took my DLSR outside to see if I could take a photo of the falling rain. I was I was really just playing around with the aperture and the shutter speed when I captured this one of mica trying to get out of the rain. It was a complete and utter accident. I have never been able to recreate it, but I guess it makes it all the more special. AimeeDow_Week10_OctKits_Detail4

Well, that about wraps it up for me today, but I have a few scheduled post this week so I’ll around.

Aimee Xx

October 17, 2015

Hip Kits: October Card Set


Phew, don’t look now, but I am all over internet! DON’T go googling – I assure you I am at all times fully clothed, I have no relationship with Kanye or Taylor and to my knowledge I’ve done nothing to go ‘viral’. What I meant was I’ve been on a bit of a scrapbooking binge. I kicked off the week over on the Citrus Twist blog, then made my big announcement over on the One Little Bird blog, I then conquered the Studio Calico popular board with ‘Together Whatever‘, returning here and now for Hip Kits before heading back over to Citrus Twist tomorrow for sketch challenge AND the best bit is unlike other activities that will get you all over the internet – I’ve pretty much done it all in my daggy PJ’s. *Sob* my mum would be so proud.

October Hip Kit Card Set by Aimee Dow #HipKits #PinkPaislee #AmericanCrafts #JenHadfield #PebblesInc #SimpleStories #Prima #watercolour #AmyTangerine

Anywho… I want to tell you about another recent experience I have had. Oddly enough in my PJs too. Just incase you hadn’t heard, I was asked to join the Hip Kits Project Life Team. I’m not going to lie I was pretty apprehensive. I’m trying really hard not to over commit myself, but I’m not above sweet talk and when Kimberly said we would get ALL of October’s kits as a bonus, well *cough* I folded like a piece of pattern paper.

When the big fat box arrived less than a week later, the mailman caught me by surprise. It was only 7.40 in the morning and I was not yet out of bed. I took the package from him with not the slightest hint of shame or modesty because lets face it – we had both been here many times before.  What was different this time round was I cracked the box open the second the door shut. I’ll admit I was really curious. I had not been a Hip Kit’s customer in the past and really had no idea what to expect. Well, when my husband got out of bed two hours later, I was found playing with the spoils (watercolour pencils) in the hallway. Here is how it all went down:


It all started with the nest. You see when you spread 6 jam-packed kits our around you on the floor that’s pretty much looks like a giant scrapbooking nest and it wasn’t long before I was trying to figure out new and cool combos for layouts and spreads. Pink Paislee’s Cedar Lane and Jen Hadfield’s DIY Home are a match made in heaven, but who knew that there are Dear Lizzy and Documentary and Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers Papers that work to perfection too. Some serious thought went in to bringing these kits together and just as I was feeling my most inspired it dawned on me  – I don’t have any Autumn photos printed. What is a girl to do with a desperate NEED to scrap? Now I will never claim to be a card marker. In fact I will pretty much use any other scrap title before that one, but desperate times call for desperate measures:


This is me playing with a mix of the main kit, the embellishment kit and Project Life kit. The blue paper, the transparent arrow, wooden arrow and the tab are from Cedar Lane. The Heart and stripe paper are from DIY Home. Layer upon layer until I was happy with the finish product.


My second card is born from something else. It is absolutely no secret that I am a white cardstock girl. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have used coloured cardstock and yet every kit I have ever gotten sends me a million sheets. I have enough pale blue, pink and cream to make albums for an entire kindergarten. I’m not going to, but I could.  When I opened the cardstock kit from Hip Kits, I was stuck by just how beautiful the storm and kraft papers where. Just once I wanted to be the one to use coloured cardstock and so I did. I must apologise though – that twine bow is not in the kit. It was a scrap that had fallen out of my husbands pocket the day before, from when her was tying up our tomato plants. My bad. It must of got mixed up while I was building my nest.


Last, but not least, I give you my experiment with the colour kit. It is very rare in this day and age that a new product comes across my desk (or floor), that I have never tried before. So I was super excited to give Prima’s watercolor pencils a go. First I used an off cut from my white card and drew a bunch of leaves. Second, I went over the leaves with a watercolor brush and just like magic they were pretty little watercolored leaves! Best of all though the process was really clean. You got to love that. I let the background dry and mounted it to some kraft cardstock. I used patterns from the Cedar Lane wreath to outline my painted leaves with a sharpie, but as I was doing it I got to thinking about what else I might be able to watercolor. Turns out the pencils work brilliantly on veneers too! I used the bottle green, the jade green and teal pencils to create a layered rust effect… and that’s right when I got busted. It took me another 45 minutes to pack up the very generous contents of the each kit, but it was still totally worth it.

Next time I promise to have a Project Life spread for you, but today I hope you I’ve give you a bit of insight into the full range of Hip Kits.

Aimee Xx

Aimee Dow Graphic

P.s. thanks to those who wrote to me about the bug in the comment section – it has now been fixed.

June 15, 2015

The Spotlight Tour Blog Hop & A Big Freaking Giveaway


If you follow me on Instagram, you may just remember way back in March when I traveled across the state to meet Amy Tangerine and Heidi Swapp?

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

The event was put on by Spotlight Australia to help celebrate their national craft month, and I must say to my mind it was an epic success. I had so much fun at these events, I meet new friends and I got to play with products I would not normally even consider buying. I also got to meet scrapbook royalty and I am not just talking about Heidi Swapp and Amy Tangerine.

In the scheme of things I have not been in the scrapbooking world too long. In fact just over two and a half years now, but in my time I have come to know some really amazing Aussies such as Natalie Elphinstone, Kim Jeffress and Leeann Pearce. All three are flat out superstars in my eyes and I was beside myself excited meet them in person. (Also, I’m not going to lie, I REALLY wanted to have a hold of baby Judah 🙂 It was SO good to meet these amazing women in person and as we continued to talk after the event, we decided to hold our own blog hop!

The idea was pretty simple. We would all scrap a photos taken from the event, but to make things a little more fun for our readers we decided to include a giveaway. Not just any giveaway, a giveaway of epic proportions! But to do that you need a pretty awesome sponsor, enter: SPOTLIGHT! First, before we go in to details about that let me show you my page.


Ironically, this might just go down in history as the quickest and most refined page I have ever done. I don’t usually use pattern paper for the background of pages, but this Heidi Swapp paper is my all time favourite. I’ve been hoarding like a kid hoards halloween candy. I felt deep down though, that it was time to let go. I mean if you can’t use it for a page that is ABOUT Heidi Swapp when can you use it?


I used the grid theme that was already going on in the pattern paper to build my page. I cut my title (with the silhouette) and mounted it to gold glitter paper with pop dots to give it some demention. kept the embellishments really simple. I didn’t want to detract from my photos.


All it took was a few gold glitter Heidi Swapp sentiment stickers and I was happy. Well almost. I tried to type a tag with the days highlights but it just didn’t fit. In fact by the time I finished journaling I had 600 words… oops. In times like these I all was attach it to the back of the page, which works out really well because the back is really cute bows!

Alright, alright now for the part you have all been waiting for – The Giveaway.

Spotlight have been kind enough to donate $100 dollars worth of products to each of the four blogs to give away as we see fit. The rules and prizes will vary from each blog to blog so make sure you read each blog post carefully.


This is what I have been given to giveaway. I will be breaking it in two to create a first and second prize. First prize is only open to Australian entrants, Second Prize is open to anyone from anywhere. I will post in-depth photos of both prize packs tomorrow both here on the blog and on Instagram. The giveaway is open until 8pm Wednesday night Australian time!

To enter all you need to do is:

Be or become a follower of mine on Instagram and leave a comment below about anything you have seen or read in todays post. Please be sure to leave your Name, which country you are from (so I know which draws to enter you in) and your Instagram username. That’s it, its really that simple.

Your next hop is:

Kim Jeffress over at Glass Half Full.

Oh and don’t forget stop by and visit:

Leeann Pearce at The Paint Brush goes Spottie.


Natalie Elphinstone at One Scrappy Doctor.

Good Luck Xx

 This post was proudly bought to with the help of


December 23, 2014

Yes Chickens


I have this friend Emma, she is one of my favorite people in the world. She gets the scrap side of me like no one else I have ever met. I love scrapping with her because she always pushes me to get a ton done, but she will tell you I am not the easiest person to scrap with – Not only do I raid her stash at scrap camp, I have even been known to do it while she is at my house scrapping.  And then there is the matter of desk space. You see, Emma is a “work clean” scrapper. It’s a quality that I really admire, but I on the other hand, rain holy hell down upon my work space until it looks like a scene from Apocalypse Now. Poor Emma lives in fear of her craft mat being annexed by a new regime, and as well she should.

So what is the point of this story? Well, I want to introduce you to a new game I have created. I am a big believer in clearing off your desk at the end of the day, but some days the piles are just so big, I’m not sure where to start. Over the weekend, I was staring at one such pile that contained the left-overs from Love Everyday, the scant remains of my November A Piece of Cake Designs Kit, some off-cuts of woodgrain paper my husband had used for something or other and I thought to myself… I bet I can make a layout out of this. And so the Procrastination Layout Game was born!

Yes Chrickens by Aimee Dow



The rules are pretty simple – you can only use what is on you desk. I will make a small exception for a cardstock base and your tools, but everything else must come from the piles on your desk. My supplies looked something like this: the star paper, the black and white striped paper, the tag, the sequins and the “hello” are all from Heidi Swapp’s September Skies collection. I know this because they are recent inhabitants of my studio by way of the cupcake APOCD kit. The woodgrain is Pebbles Inc, but you are on your own for the thickers, cork circle and heart wood veneer. The wood veneer I found under my lamp so it should probably be carbon-dated. If you are at all like me, I encourage you to give the game a go the next time you feel despair at the state of your desk. It certainly helped lighten my mood, it reduced the pile and it stretched my creativity. Oh and Emma, if you’re reading this, please know – I’ll come make a mess for you ANY TIME you want to play.

Aimee xx

July 11, 2014

Blue Hair Don’t Care


Blue Hair Dont Care by Aimee Dow

This layout is a puzzle. I’m not even talking metaphorically. It was designed for Maggie Massie and Sarah Bargo’s new Instagram challenge group called Society 52 (Really, who can resist a secret scrapbooking society?). The challenge seemed pretty simple – use mint and navy as the main colors for your project. Right so off I go. I have this mild, half concocted vision of a polka dot spread.

Blue Hair Don't Care by Aimee Dow Detail 1

Yeah, didn’t happen. I took all this time to sew 24 mint and navy circles together but when it came to laying them on the page… I couldn’t get the right ‘feel’. On white cardstock they didn’t feel shabby chic anymore. I tried a myriad of other backing papers, but they just seemed to get lost. It was around about this point my husband began to notice a change in my mood. I don’t usually scrap like this. I’m not a fly by the seat of your pant’s kind of girl. I usually know exactly what I am going to create before I start.

After dinner I decided to scrap the original concept completely. I started going though my stash looking for anything I had that was mint & navy (in hindsight this is probably where I should have started). That’s when I came across my loose alphas and I instantly had a thought about a photo my sister posted with the hashtag #bluehairdontcare.

Blue Hair Dont Care by Aimee Dow Title

It was really incredible how my brain the pieces came together after that.


I took this photo last week, the day after she had her hair dyed and now I had a proper base. I finished up my spread around midnight last night and for the most part I was happy. I knew it wasn’t my best work, but I put it down to the fact that I didn’t have a clear vision to start with.

I woke up this morning find there was a twist posted over night – Add a pop of hot pink!

‘Oh lord’, I thought to myself, ‘This page is already packed past the point I’m usually comfortable with’. I texted my mum who had already done the challenge and the twist (right about now I’m guess you have just figured out we scrap the same child). Her reply was “Well it can’t hurt”. So back into my stash I went in search of Hot Pink.

Blue Hair Don't Care by Aimee Dow Detail 2

It took less time to improvise this time around and oddly enough I like it more now than I did when I went to bed last night. It feels good to stretch every now and again.

Aimee xx

P.s. Just incase your wondering, the 5 is because Pol is the 5th sister – she is a teenager with blue hair, I assure you. Also the sister I refer to in the journaling – me. When I was in grade 6 I use to have a teacher that liked to sit me by the window because she loved the way my red hair looked in the sunlight (kinda creepy in retrospect). I rebelled and dyed my hair purple for the following 2 years. I’ve since come to love my ginger locks. I’m also the only one of the 5 of us to inherit them.


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