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November 4, 2015

November Jot Moodboard


One of the biggest things I cherish about being a Jot Girl is it let’s me going shopping in my own stash. I love just spending an afternoon creating with the things I find in the bottom of a draw or in the miscellaneous embellishment basket. It almost always produces my favourite kind of layouts – even if (as you will soon see) I wander a little off task.


This is one of my favourite layouts in a long time. The moodboard made me think of spring and the sweet things in life. So that’s where I started my layout. My layout is all about simple pleasures, like handmade vintage quilts, roses from the garden, new magazines and all many other happy things. It turns out though, my happy things just couldn’t be limited to pink and yellow…


To be fair I did start out with a plan just use pink and yellow. I went though all my scraps in the scrap bucket and pulled everything pink and yellow, but as I was nearing the bottom of bucket I found some vintage orange floral brocade from basic grey. It had to be at least 5 years old because I know for a fact I hadn’t used it in this house and we have been here just over 4 years now. The brocade was a perfect match for the roses in my photo and I figured I was only slightly bending the rules because of course I was still using a floral element.


So right about now you might now ask yourself how I ended up with the green and mint. Well I just kinda needed it for balance. I must admit I have this fight with myself a lot – Do you stay true to the challenge or take a detour to something that is possibly better? Eh… no prizes for guessing which path I ended up on.


It just turned out be the right call on that particular day. Believe me there have been many days when it wasn’t, but I am a big fan of the old saying nothing ventured, nothing gained. ‘My Fave’ is my new fave layout and even though it was more of a jumping off point than direct inspiration, I have this months Jot Moodboard to thank for it.

I would absolutely love to see how this board inspires you. Be sure to load your project to the Jot Moodboard Gallery over here, for a chance to win great prizes and lots love from our amazing community.

September 7, 2015

Citrus Twist Kits: Recipe Challenge


I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about today’s post.  I mean seriously! This post will go down in history as one of my all time favourite posts because one of THE BEST scrappers IN THE WORLD (in my opinion) asked ME to do a joint post. I bet she regrets it now, but I still got to do it. Let me cut you some slack and just give you the link : Citrus Twist Recipe Challenge.

If however you’re good with reading me wax lyrically about Emma and our layouts, read on. Okay, ready? Emma asked me to do a Recipe Challenge and it was so awesome! I am perpetually late for everything so it was decided Emma would set the challenge and then I would do my own layout with the recipe without seeing hers. I’m a fly by the seat of your pants kinda girl, so I went for it.

Here is the recipe:

  • Die-cuts (at least 5)
  • layers
  • stitching (machine or hand)
  • 1 veneer 
  • Cut file (and if you want to be extra tricky, try and use it as a digital stamp and your title, or a stencil like me)

And heres what I came up with BUT first let impress upon you this is only half of the gold. Em rocked this challenge out of the park with some tricky magic all of her own.


All I used was the Main Citrus Twist Kit for September and can I just say how refreshing it is to get a WHOLE ephemera pack in a kit! It made choosing 5 die cuts so much easier. I did however include the business card from the cafe too.Coffee Coffee Coffee by Aimee Dow Detail 1

The hard part was just 1 veneer. I’d never seen these ones from pinkfresh studio and again you get a WHOLE pack. I spent ages trying to choose between the hearts, circles, banners and bunting (They all have bows! I’m such a sucker for bows).


I layered my embellishments the best I could, especially since there is only 4 pieces of pattern paper in the layout, but the part I am most proud of is Emma’s tricky cut file title challenge. How to take a cut file to a new level? You have all seen me use the negative before, but I don’t think I have ever used it as a stencil! That’s right peeps – I used a prima chalk inker (dry sand) to make a print though my cut.


That just leaves the stitching and if I am brutally honest I broke the sewing machine and by “broke” I mean even with the help of you tube I can figure out how to get the bobbin back in. So it’s hand stitching all the way for me. Or I could just sew on a few buttons. I’ve decided it’s not lazy, it’s innovative 😉 Not quiet as innovative as Em’s, but still awesome!

So, who wants to come play with us? Please, please, please! Go see the original post and get some great inspiration from Emma. Tag us on Instagram, post in the Citrus Twist gallery, give it your best shot, we are dying to see what you come up with.

Aimee Xx


August 30, 2014

Project Life: Week 29


Hi! I am back today with the ever so eagerly anticipated Project Life spread – This week’s Society 52 challenge. The first part of the challenge was to create a monochrome layout, the twist was to add a die cut. Shall have a look? Project Life Week 29 by Aimee Dow Full Spread Here is the left side in more detail: Project Life Week 29 Left Side by Aimee Dow and the right: Project Life Week 29 Right Side by Aimee Dow I had the idea for this spread long before the challenge was announced – only prior to the challenge I had thought I would be doing a yellow and pink spread. I love the photo of the pink books and it just so happened there were quite a few more pops of pink as the week went on. That was the predestined to be my monochrome colour I guess – white and black being the very ends of that scale. The spread was actually harder to put together than I had anticipated. With such a strict palette any imbalance becomes very clear. I tried to at least have one of each shade on each side. Two really good examples of this is the neon on the title card vs the neon on the happy place card or the pink heidi swap ‘sweet heart’ circle on the left vs the ‘pretty’ cut apart on the right. Project Life Week 29 by Aimee Dow Detail 1 The twist in the challenge was to add die cuts. In total I added 4 – 1 to the left page, 3 to the right. This is a very old die cut file from Studio Calico that paired with the Front Row kits last year. If you would like to see the layout before the die cuts where added you can see them here on my instagram account. Project Life Week 29 by Aimee Dow Detail 2Another visual trick I used to pull the layout together was the repetition of a single shape. There are an awful lot of circles in this layout…and just when you think you have added enough… there is always room for an enamel dot or two. Project Life Week 29 by Aimee Dow Detail 3 I didn’t use any pattern paper for this layout which is really rare for me. I did use a cut apart sheet from Crate Papers new ‘Notes and Things‘ line, the rest of the spread was made up with old Studio Calico Kits and the Plus One Mini Kit. Project Life Week 29 by Aimee Dow Detail 4 I even broke the mist for my little die cut star. Such a cool effect don’t you think? Project Life Week 29 by Aimee Dow Detail 5If look really closely at this little camera die cut you can see it has the lens embossed.  As you can see I had a lot of fun with with the die cut twist. I hope you have enjoyed this brief look inside my Project Life. If you promise not to give me stick about the time between my last PL post and this one, I’ll make sure there is another one in the next fortnight. Better yet you pick the PL post! What would you like to see from me? A process post? A blue spread? Nothing to big or small. I’ll pick one from the comments to do in the next fortnight. Have a fantastic weekend! I’ll be back on Monday with a very long awaited creative blog hop post just in time for my 30th Birthday. Aimee xx

August 27, 2014

A Girl and a Dog


Today, I spent the day attempting this weeks Society 52 challenge on instagram. Many of you will be very happy to know that it was a Project Life spread. I know, right. It’s been forever. I’ll post it here early next week after the twist, but since I am here (and your here) I’ll show you last week’s challenge piece.

Challenge 7 was to create a layout with floral paper. I had paper in mind. I recently bought a Basic Grey’s Fresh Cut Collection on clearance – the thing is, it’s a bold collection even for me. I knew I would have to use it sparingly, so with no design in mind, I went to the fountain of all scrap knowledge: Pinterest. This layout is inspired by A New Ride by Kinsey Wilson.

A girl and a dog by Aimee Dow before the twist

This is how it looked before the twist. I had been saving these photos for something really special. Mog’s first day living with us was a huge milestone. I didn’t know if we were going to be any good at being fill-in parents until Benson (my Pa’s huski) came to visit and we both discovered we could have fun! I wanted this layout to be fun. I intentionally only used my favorite products in it’s creation. I was also really proud of myself for not creating something with a defined structure. Well, that was until the twist

A girl and a dog by Aimee Dow

That lasted all of 2 days. The challenge was to add stripes and while I could have easily added a few more blocks of striped of paper it didn’t seem like it was in the spirit of the exercise. So with two inked up strips of cardstock and some Amy Tangerine washi, this is where we ended up.

A girl and a dog by Aimee Dow Detail 2

I built out the blocks to the line and added the detail on the right to add a bit more balance to the layout.

A girl and a dog by Aimee Dow Detail 1

I also when a little nuts with the embelishments.

A girl and a dog by Aimee Dow Detail 3

I’ve said it before, but it really does remind me of the cutest little Korean restaurant I went to years ago. It was so happy and so is my layout. This would have to be a personal favorite of mine and if I could ask just one small favor from you. I know this is going to sound totally nuts, but would one of you do me the favor of liking it in the Studio Calico gallery right here. 30 Likes in the SC gallery and I am happy. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s been stuck on 29 for DAYS! I’ll remember you, whoever it is that puts me out of my misery. As always you can leave your love below.

Aimee xx

August 26, 2014

Winter Garden


Okay, let’s get a few things out in the open… I’m not dead, I am not pregnant, I have no serious illnesses (that I know of), I am just a terrible blogger. It’s not that I don’t love you all. I REALLY do. I love reading all you have to say and having a conversation with you all. I love to create, I love to share and I am currently in the process of reshuffling priorities so I can do more of all of the above. It’s coming soon I swear. Thanks so much for sticking with me though. I WILL be worth it in the end. I promise.

Today, however I have got something a bit special to show you. Lately I have been experimenting. I’m trying to test my limits of exactly what it is that I can achieve. I am participating in more challenges to see how far I can stretch ideas. I am trying new techniques (Caylee if you still holding out for Art Journaling you are STILL sh** out of luck but you can always keep hoping *wink, wink* ). Anyway, I recently stumbled across a local online scrap store that has a pretty rocking blog. I instantly fell in love with their mood board challenge:

Sassy Scrapper August Mood Board Challenge

Isn’t it pretty! Colour is my thing. I told a good scrappy friend that I really wanted to give it a go, to which I was promptly laughed at. Apparently I don’t make for good competition. Actually, to paraphrase, I was told that my standards make it unfair for everyone else. Well, my Mumma says it’s not about winning it’s about being part of it, about making friends, being exposed to new things and people, but most of all – having fun. And that’s just what I did. For the whole 12 hours it took to create this layout. I am not even kidding a little.

Winter Garden by Aimee Dow

As you can see, some things stay the same, but there is a whole lot of new about this layout.

Same: Still love geometrics, still can’t pry the metallics and glitter from my hands, still a truly awful embosser and still like hacking up my photos to tell a story – We all remember Harvest right?

New: Well, all the die cuts are my design. It was the first time I have ever done a 12×12 cut of my own design and I was so stoked about it, until everyone started looking at me weird, so I have curbed my enthusiasm a bit. I also used this tutorial by Cayee to turn my hand drawn vines into die cuts too. Same principle, but with a black sharpie drawing.

Winter Garden by Aimee Dow detail 2

Then there is my attempt at painting. I must admit I have tried to do it with mist before on two occasions and both were dismal failures. I’ve since discovered why – for some reason I thought since the mist was already “wet”, no more liquid would be needed. Yeah… no. Wetting the paper first made all the difference and really helped to blend later on after the base colour was applied. Lesson learned.

Ah, while we’re on lessons learned, I have an absolute new appreciation for what Paige Evans does. Designing your own cuts and then piecing them all together is so time consuming and it isn’t until all the pieces are in that you know if your layout is going to work or not.

Winter Garden by Aimee Dow Detail 1

I think what I love most about this layout is the amazing shadows that all the dimensional elements create. For this reason I am entering it in this week’s Studio Calico Challenge too. Check out the shadows the vines throw in the photo above – I think that’s wicked. Yes, yes, I am getting excited about everything today. Even the kale and couscous salad for lunch. I think my hay fever is cutting off my oxygen supplies and making me delirious.

Thanks again for checking up on me and to all those who gave me not-so-gentle prods to get back to blogging – much appreciated. As always, all comments and questions are so welcome, just leave them below.

Aimee xx



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