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September 22, 2014

The Long-awaited Blog Tour


Oh Lord, this post has been coming for a LONG, LONG time. I can’t lie, I have been putting it off. I just didn’t think I would have answers anyone would want to read.

It all started back in July when I was tagged by Shell from Getting her craft on. Shell wrote the most wonderful things about me and I really admire the way she’s always out there in the scrap community. I did intend to write the post, but then we had a death in family and the Monday slipped away. Then on the 11th of August, I was tagged by the ever-so-lovely Lisa from Blackbird Darling, then the SUPER talented and stylish Catherine from The Green Fingerprint. Honestly, I thought that would be the week, but nope. The moment passed again and I got stage-fright. In the weeks following, I was asked by one of my scrappy BFF’s – Beshka from BCKueser and Chantal from Paper Filled Moments – who was the first digital scrapper I ever followed (her work with paper is even better).  Alas, it was not to be. Last Monday I was tagged twice more. This time from a long standing Instagram friend, Kat from Schrottvogelchen and finally, my ever-faithful sounding board, Emma from Title Goes Here. Told you it was a long time coming… The way I figure it, if I don’t write this freaking thing now, I am just going to keep getting tagged and I will have no one on my list to tag back 😛

Aimee Dow Studio

1. What are you working on right now?

Wow, um where do I start… I typically try to only do one thing at a time, but at the moment, I am all over the place.

  • I am working on a couple of digital pieces for One Little Bird.
  • I have another Black and Yellow layout on my desk.
  • I’ve just passed the half way point in April Foster’s Snapshot Class.
  • Working on my 30 Days of Me mini album when I get the chance.
  • Project Life (as always).
  • Still working on perfecting the new studio.
  • Hubby and I are in the process of a blog design overhaul.
  • And because that’s just not enough, today I am starting Sabine’s #365Craftingtime. Yep, I am going to create something every day for a year, because clearly, I’m nuts.

Here’s today’s piece made with One Little Bird’s brand new kit – Who Am I.

Adow_LittleBirdCT_WhoAmI_LiveBeautifullyCan you tell I REALLY love my new creative space?

2. How long does it take you to create a project?

Alright, I’m going to be brutally honest because I think people look at my work and think “why can’t I do that?”. Well, in short, you don’t have the time. I take FOREVER.

A digital spread is 1 – 2 hours. This really depends on how many shadows need to be put in. I hate that part.

A paper layout is usually 4 – 6 hours, but in the case of The Winter Garden it was more like 12. That, my friends, is why you have never seen a process vid.

Project Life is the worst. It’s much closer to 8hrs by the time I edit and print all the photos. There is a whole lot of ‘moving things around and moving then back again’ going on. I think maybe this one was my quickest at a little over 6 hours.Aimee Dow Week 10 Full Spread | Betwixt & Between Blog3. What are your favorite things to create with at the moment?

Actually, It’s just one. For my birthday, the world’s greatest husband bought me my first real camera – A Canon EOS 60D. I am so freaking in love with the thing (almost as much as my husband). Up until that point, I was strictly an iPhone photographer. The things I have learned in the past 22 days! The creative control I have with a proper lens just blows my mind. It might sound weird, but I feel like I am better able to tell a story with my camera pictures. Here is one I took for the snapshot class.


4. How does your writing/creative process work?

Umm… poorly? No, that’s probably the wrong word – inconsistently? I’ve always said that my best work has roots in my heart. It’s not hard to find inspiration, but I then need to find the fire inside that sustains the actual process. I consistently binge on a certain process or technique until I feel I have it nailed down and then I tend to move on. I am always looking for a new challenge.  I LOVE to push the envelope, but if this is all you’re ever doing, it can really become exhausting. I am working on the problem. This is exactly why I’m taking up Sabine’s challenge. Good, bad, the same darn card every single day for November, I will create every single day for a year. I’m sure after a year, I’ll have worked out all the kinks, right?

5. How do you become inspired and stay inspired?

Aimee Dow Design Board

I feel like this is a trick question. Isn’t the answer always Pinterest? I, like everybody, have my own secret stashes in my Design and Inspiration boards.  I don’t know why, but I am rarely inspired by other scrapbookers. Oh my god, I feel like I have committed a sin by writing that. It’s not that I don’t appreciate their amazing talents and skills, but I realized a long time ago that I can’t do anybody but me, especially in matters of design.

As I said before though, the spreads that work the best often come from my heart. It could be a particular picture I take that evokes a really strong emotion when I look at it. I know right now I have four pictures in particular that I am absolutely chomping at the bit to scrap. All they are waiting for is the design spark. All those pics on my Pinterest board are design sparks. I just have the right design to match the feeling and after that it all becomes SO easy. 

6. What’s your signature style?

ROFL! What, you haven’t figured it out yet? In my very early days of scrapping, I used to wonder about this too. Turns out people are always more than happy to tell you. When ever I do a guest post or someone writes something about me on the internet, they always use the same three words: Clean, Graphic and Innovative.

Right, Now to the fun part. Who to nominate…

Let me just say the women I am nominating are being nominated not only for their scrapping ability. I am nominating them because they have amazing talents in many areas that really resonate with me.

First: I nominate the lovely Sabine from Moments to live for, who I have name dropped throughout this entire post. Sabine does the most amazing mini albums – a skill I am yet to acquire. I consider her a fellow innovator who started the whole one year of cups phenomenon and now #365craftingtime. I am also a huge admirer of her photography skills. Maybe one day we can go on a photo walk together.

Second: Tania from Petite Pixel Design. A super-talented Project Lifer, but possibly even more importantly, an arbitrator of style, awesome food photographer, professional writer and fountain of useful information and hot spots. I might also be sucking up a little because she is lives locally and all that stuff is really useful to have on hand.

Finally, Marie from Letter 25. If that girl in the photo looks familiar, well that would be because she is my sister. The page, however, is my mother’s. I’d like to argue that getting into scrapbooking had nothing to do with my Mum. I may even be successful given that I did project life before her and that is officially my start point, but my love of food and baking totally came from her. Her tea cake will forever be burned in my brain as a happy childhood memory.

Be sure to check in with them next Monday to see how they tackle these tough questions. I know I am really looking forward to reading their answers.

Lots of Love,

Aim xx

April 5, 2014

Kellie Stamps/ScrAp This Blog Hop


Happy Saturday everyone and welcome to all the lovely peeps traveling the blog hop trail. It is absolutely no secret at all that I love both Kellie Stamps and ScrAp This! Products – Exhibit A and Exhibit B, so I was absolutely over the moon when I was asked to be a part of this hop. Today, I am showing off a brand new scrap page.

I love this spread. It is jam-packed with my favorite things. Shall we take a closer look?

First off you can’t go past Angus’ beautiful metallic pieces. You have seen me use these before and I guarantee this will not be the last either. Agnus puts so much love and attention in to all the ScrAp This! pieces – just look at the metallic stitching down the feather. Perfection!

I’ve also got a thing for velvet ribbon right now. It’s just so soft and strokable. The papers are from a Studio Calico Sugar Rush Kit and add ons. I think I bought nearly every add on that month because it was all just so pretty. The Cotton Candy embellishment is from The Pier diecuts – another collection I have been hoarding, but I knew from the beginning it was made for this layout.

For my page I chose to do a stamped title. I had 2 reasons for this – 1. I hate doing titles. I always find it really hard. 2. I am really hoping if I have done a good enough job, Kellie will give me this stamp in the wood mounted edition, when it’s released. It will also be released as an acrylic, as part of the UGH set … but it wouldn’t hurt to have a wood mounted one too, right? You know just in case of accidents.

The mistable stars are really old Studio Calico stock. I tried to find them somewhere online for you all, but I had no luck. The silver spotted vellum is a new love by Ruby Rock-It. Aussie’s can pick it up at any Lincraft.

Finally we get to the heart of the page and my favorite thing of all. My gorgeous god-daughter. The point of the page was to celebrate the great things we do together that I just would not get to do if she was not around – like a trip to the fairy park. Also you may note that more Kellie stamps, ScrAp This! and The Pier diecuts slipped in too.

Just incase you are wondering, the watercolour background is made with watered down Mr Hueys mists, but that tutorial will have to wait for another day. How about we talk about prizes instead?

For you chance to win either a currently unreleased Love Life wood mounted stamp from Kellie Stamps or a set of metallic pieces from ScrAp This! Simply leave a comment on each blog in the hop to go in the draw to win!

You have until 8th Tuesday and winner/s will be announced shortly after on the Kellie Stamps blog.

Thanks so much for visiting. Your next stop is the love Sue from The Making Table.

Kellie – http://kelliewinnell.typepad.com/blog/
Agnus – http://a-place-in-my-dreams.blogspot.com.au/
Karyn – http://karynscraftingobsession.blogspot.com.au/
Aimee – http://www.betwixtandbetween.com.au/ (You are here)
Sue – http://themakingtable.blogspot.com.au/

Aimee xx

January 1, 2014

Kellie Stamps Blog Hop!


Happy New Year! Welcome to another exciting year here on Betwixt and Between. Boy are we kicking it off with a bang. I am a little intimated knowing that most of you have come from the incomparable Natalie’s blog. Nat is one hard act to follow, but I’ll do my best. My one little word this year is ‘push’ and a big part of that is pushing myself to try new things. So today I’m showing you a scrapbook page – a concept that is very foreign to this Project Lifer.
20140101-104453.jpg I am very excited to play one of Kellie’s exquisite new wood mounted stamps. Love my job, love my job, love my job! I also used my favourite food shot mini set.
20140101-110113.jpg Here is a closer look at some of the details: 20140101-110621.jpg20140101-110639.jpg20140101-110652.jpg I have to admit I’m a surprised at how well it turned out considering it is made up of scraps and my sewing machine has a mind of its own. The off white paper are actually book pages. I used the glitz roller stamp on book pages to make the typed flags. Here’s  to trying new things! (more…)


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