I’m sure you have all heard of the “social media free weekend”.
20130528-225127.jpg I learned about the growing movement around the middle of last year, as all of my inspirational idols dropped off the edge of the Internet. The first thing that went though my head… yeah, not for me. It might be because I am not much of a follower, but its far more likely I just have absolutely no desire to give up the net. Not for a second did I contemplate joining the movement and the world continued to spin.

A little over a month ago after we moved, we changed to naked ADSL and all of a sudden something happened. Every Saturday before I wake up, the wi-fi goes down and it does not return until late Sunday afternoon. CJ has done everything in his power to solve the problem, but to no avail. To begin with I was so frustrated. I drove myself nuts trying to load Instagram photos or get flipboard to refresh. Two weeks passed and I finally realised this is how it’s going to be. Yes, yes – slow learner. Even after realisation set in, I was still frustrated. I found myself pacing the house, destroying pieces of string and digging in cupboards that I usually ignore. It was while digging in said cupboard that I found a little wooden cross stitch kit Holly gave me last year. Overjoyed, I thought to myself ‘Great! Should keep my hands and mind busy for a couple of hours’, and sure enough it did. I actually felt calm. And then came the strangest thing of all. The following weekend I sought out more activities that held my focus. I began to read books that had sat on my kindle for months. I plan for the weekend now and I relish the idea of achieving something in the Internet’s absence. I can’t wait to show you what I have planned for next weekend.