Once upon a time in a city not to far from here, a princess lost one of her most prized possessions.
20130604-183200.jpg Okay, so I’m not a princess as such but I did loose my cuff. CJ bought it for me for Christmas the year after we got engaged. I am a black, white and bold girl and I had been admiring Empress Theodora (that’s her name) from a far, for so very long. I had snooped under the tree for the familiar Samantha Wills box but CJ was sly. He disguised the box. When Christmas day rolled around I was the happiest girl alive. For two whole years I pretty much wore it daily until the fateful day that I didn’t. I remember bits and pieces from that morning. We were living in Echuca at the time and I had gotten up early to go to Bendigo. I remember getting dressed, cuff and all, then headed to the bathroom to do my makeup. Theodora kept getting in my way so I took her off and put her on the bench and that was the last time I can recall seeing her.

It wasn’t till I was in the Bendigo that I realised I wasn’t wearing her. On returning home that night I looked everywhere. The last thing I wanted to tell CJ was that I had lost her. Three days I searched before coming clean and understandably he was not amused. Months went by and she never surfaced. I was beginning to lose hope. The final straw came when we moved and I accepted the fact that she was gone for good.

We settled into the new house and in the meantime I kept one eye on eBay. Nada. Then last week something miraculous happened. Mica has developed a new bad habit of climbing though the hole in the couch that is created when the armrest is down. It drives CJ crazy because he is the one who has to fish her out. Late last Thursday as he was fishing her out to put her to bed, he found the cuff. I was already in bed when he came in grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I had to put my hands out and close my eyes before he’d present it to me. I went to sleep a very happy girl that night.

The way I figure it, I must have picked it up when I left the bathroom and taken it downstairs with my phone. I would have put it down on the couch while I finished getting ready and it must have slipped down the gap. Here is the bit I don’t get though: when we moved the couch had to be dismantled. There is no bottom to the couch and since we moved ourselves, that couch had some pretty ruff treatment. I can’t believe this is how Theo was found. I’m dying to know has this ever happened to you. Have you lost something and given up hope of finding it, only to find it in a strange set of circumstances?