How do they all work?


Recently I’ve been reading Blog Inc. If you’re a blogger, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I am currently up to the chapter where Joy discusses social media integration. I, like the author, can certainly understand the important role it plays in self-promotion. I’ve had Facebook for years. I have been on Pinterest for almost 6 months and have developed one of the most extensive washi tape boards out there. I have had Instagram for awhile but didn’t really get the hang of it till this month. But it was just this week that I got twitter.

Now, I would consider myself to be fairly tech-savvy but sometimes I really struggle with the prime objectives. I get that Facebook is a place to connect with your friends and Pinterest stores great ideas. Youtube and twitter have always somewhat eluded me. I use youtube for one thing and one thing only – my “how to” channel. Twitter, well I have no idea. I get that it was first to break news of the Arab spring and I have used it from time to time to get up-to-date info on a mac update but it’s daily use is not apparent to me. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.