I am absolutely MAD for Saint Patrick’s day! My Nan was Irish and there was always a lot of pomp and circumstance when the day rolled around. Sadly, my Nan has been gone almost 10 years now, but I still always celebrate in her honor.

This year I stole a child. Well, I guess you could say I “borrowed” a child so that I might have a legitimate excuse to make leprechaun walking sticks! Oh yes, that’s right, crispy, crunchy, salty, sweet, chocolate dipped pretzel sticks finished off with sprinkles. Now you see why I need the child?

For this demonstration all you will need is Grease Proof Paper, White Chocolate (You could use dark or milk, but in our case Mog prefers white), Green Food Dye, Pretzel Sticks and sprinkles. We had 3 packets of green sprinkles in the pantry so that’s what we used.

I melted the chocolate in a tea cup because I thought it would be easy for Mog to hold. Turns out this little 7 year old is far more dexterous than I had revised as you will see later on. It took a minute and 15 seconds in my microwave, stopping to stir every 15 seconds. After that I added a few drops of green food dye and continued to stir until the colour was fully incorporated. Now for the fun part…

Please welcome my human guinea pig and partner in crime when it comes to child appropriate craft – Mog! Here you will see Mog dipping her pretzel sticks in her chocolate. Standard rules apply – one for the tray, one to eat.

We used a spoon to sprinkle the sprinkles over the chocolate dipped ends for a couple of reasons: 1. I’m a blog writer and the end appearance is all important. 2. Chocolate in the sprinkles makes them go clumpy. 3. I like to laugh at the kid and the mental concentration it take her to use both hands at one time. Oh wait don’t they call that hand-eye coordination exercises? Thanks right folks we were having an educational experience.

It didn’t take Mog too long to knock out 50 or so. If I’m honest the giggling and the eating was far more time consuming. They take about 15 minutes to air dry or 5 minutes in the fridge. We left ours on the bench because… well this is Aimee’s house and in Aimee’s house you always go the extra mine.

Late last night after I had put Mog to bed, I took a minute to go over my emails from the day and found something about Silhouette Online half price sale. ‘Great’ I thought, ‘I’ve been meaning to buy a 3D bow for awhile’ and that is how I came to stumble of Lori Whitlock’s empire. I admit I knew she was the designer for the Honey Project Life kit but not much more. Turns out she is the queen of 3D Silhouette cuts. Mog and I found and bought this pillow bracket box for 50 cents! It even comes with a little decorative band. If that was not enough that shamrock cut file is from Dear Lizzy and that one is free! You can find it here.

I thought Mog might have a little trouble with the boxes, but no. We put 6 leprechaun sticks to a box. Once I had explained how to fold the perforated lines and which holes need to be threaded, she did very well on her own. The only thing I had to assist with as tying the bow.

And there you have it. Child’s play! Both Mog and I are super stoked with the results and have decided to collaborate again in the near future with a rainbow loom. This might also prove to be an afternoon of laughs and neither of us own one, I don’t know a single thing about them and she keeps calling them “those coloured bands”.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day just in case I forgot to say it Monday.

Aimee xx