The week that went in the blink of an eye.20130624-201315.jpg I’m going to be honest, I don’t remember much of this week. It was the week before our wedding reception. I had one of the worst toothaches I have ever had. We also had my god daughter early in the week and CJ’s family descended on us from Perth, towards the end of the week.20130624-201440.jpg If that was not enough, this layout is packed with memorabilia and detail.20130624-201626.jpg I spent hours this week making 50 meters of paper garland and other decorations for our reception. I could not part with it after all was said and done, so I added a piece to my spread. Other memorabilia included this week can be found in the pocket on the title card. It’s a phone number a guy slipped me while we were waiting in a long line. I’d never dream of calling him but I still found it very flattering. I don’t think I’d been asked out in a very long time. There is also a tag from the stamps I bought from Kelly Purkey’s store the week she closed it.20130624-202500.jpg I love this ‘quote of the day’ card. It sums up perfectly the character of both Chris and Demi. They both have a wickedly dark sense of humour. Must run in the family. This week also had an insert: 20130624-202917.jpg20130624-202941.jpg20130624-202958.jpg20130624-203014.jpg The hand stitched titles are a particular favourite of mine. It was accomplished by typing up a template in word and using it as a stencil, much the same as you would an Amy Tangerine stencil.

While there can be no doubt this is a departure from my normal style, I enjoyed pushing myself to be less colour coordinated.