Oh yes, moving week.
20130617-230835.jpgThis layout covers a massive week for CJ and I. We moved ourselves and I swear upon all that is holy, I will never ever do that again. It didn’t help either that we only had a week from the day we found out we were approved to the day we took possession of the property.20130617-231524.jpg This was also a new beginning for me as I received my first Studio Calico kits. It took me awhile to figure out how to incorporate certain elements of the kits into my spreads. Filler cards were particularly challenging because I felt like I didn’t have enough space for all my photos and journaling, let alone a cute card.20130617-232157.jpg I love this card. Partly because my dear friend cooked dinner for my whole family, on a week I was struggling to make cheese toasties. Mostly though, I love the simplicity. It’s one of the few hand drawn accents in the album too.20130617-232642.jpg The Studio Calico kits introduced me to new techniques. This was my first attempt at misting. It’s a very simple silver mist through a chevron mask. I do like the effect.20130617-233207.jpg I will let you in on a secret, I know there was a huge fuss over this filler card and everyone was after it, I am not overly taken by it. I jumped at the opportunity to use it because it is not often my two favourite people are in the same photo and it matched my colour theme.