This week is simple in design but it gets the point across.20130613-065123.jpg Week 6 was huge for my family. We were approved for our new house and we began to get ready to move. My little sister Anna took her first overseas trip to New York. Anna spent a year or so living with CJ and I, when she was a teenager. Since then she has grown up and started her own adventures but she will always be a big part of this family.

20130613-070336.jpg I knew going into this week there would be a lot of photos and not a great deal of time to put together a spread. My craft supplies were one of the first things to be packed. I decided to concentrate using as many photos as I could. In the edit however it became very clear that some of the photos were more overpowering than others. I remedied the problem by turning half of them black and white.

20130613-071000.jpg A theme I tried to carry though into the journaling as well. I’m not to sure how I came to decide on the blue and green accent colours. I suspected it was probably the best of what I had laying round.20130613-071315.jpg This card has the dubious distinction of being the only one I ever remade. The original card sat in the album for 2 months but it annoyed me every time I came upon the page. This card was very quick to make and much cleaner than the last. I even like the black marks from not cleaning the stamp properly.

There is a lot I like about this spread. I love the New York panorama. I also think the photo of the brushfire is very striking. I love that it tells Anna’s story too.