This was a really hard week for me personally. 20130610-210636.jpg My Pa had a pacemaker put in and then developed complications. I was meant to stay with him for 2 weeks until he was able to drive again, but on his first night home I got up at 2am to go to the loo and discovered the light on in the lounge room. Pa was lying on the couch. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he was having chest pain. Needless to say I called the ambulance. To this day I still thank my lucky stars that I am such a poor sleeper. 20130610-210455.jpg Pa was certainly a big part of the reason why CJ and I decided to move to Bendigo. For the last couple of months I needed to be in Bendigo more often and it was becoming very stressful to travel back and forth. I took this photo of my planner which documented all the houses CJ and I inspected or applied for this week.20130610-204325.jpg Towards the end of this week I got really sick. I think stress played a large part. I made this card to commemorate the occasion:20130610-204803.jpg Great use of green tinsel glitter don’t you think? I also cut out a mason jar from a piece of Dear Lizzy paper. I can’t remember exactly what its called but it was from the Neapolitan collection. I should probably mention that all the other cards in this spread are from the Seafoam kit.

I know that the way I explained it, this week seems pretty grim, but the photos from this week also show the people I count on most. My best friend cooked dinner for me the night of Pa’s surgery so I wouldn’t have to be away from the hospital too long. One of my younger sisters tagged in after I became too unwell to take care of Pa, and finally my darling husband took care of me, watched movies with me and even took me out to Bunnings when I needed some fresh air.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, Pa is doing much better now, but more on that later down the track.