My favourite digital layout.
20130605-231848.jpg I think what I love the most about this layout is that it represents a typical week. Pancakes on Sunday morning, movie night, getting mail and just hanging out around the house. The only physical embellishment on the pages are the black thinkers I used for the before and after photos. 20130605-232429.jpg Please excuse the Lance Armstrong card. I have been meaning to fix that mistake for a long time but as a photoshop newbie, I merge all the layers making it impossible to edit the text. Most the cards in this layout are from one paislee press collection or another, I simply recoloured them all to match. There are 2 exceptions though. The first is the “Hold what keeps you warm inside” card which was a free printable from Blinks of Life. The second is one of my own making: 20130605-233214.jpg This card was never meant to stay there. It was meant as a placeholder until I could come up with something better but over time it has grown on me. The card I am most proud of is this one:20130605-233617.jpg It’s an amalgamation of many Paislee Press digital elements and a screen shot I took from the app we were using to track properties. I hope you enjoyed this little look inside my PL album and I hope to see you back here real soon.