A mix of seafoam core kit and digital elements. 20130603-231450.jpg I remember this week so clearly. I loved this week. It was absolutely full of love and the happiest news of all. This is also the first week I had a physical kit to work with and boy did I learn a lot. For starters printing onto patterned cards is a lot harder than it looks. More importantly though, never use glitter as a boarder because it migrates… Everywhere!20130603-231555.jpg I’ve blanked out the journaling out of respect to my two friends privacy, who celebrated the birth of their little ones. I made a special card to commemorate the occasion: 20130603-230241.jpg I used a digital calendar card from Paisley Press and edited it with a heart brush in photoshop to mark their birthdays. Little Fraiser got the blue heart, Leianna got the pink. In Leianna’s case we were also lucky enough to witness her first bath.20130603-230850.jpg This highlights a point I was making before. Washi tape = good for boarders, glitter = bad.