Digital is where it’s at.
20130529-193230.jpg Crazy week! I’m pretty amazed at how this spread turned out given my skills at the time. This week I taught myself to recolour cards in photoshop. You may recognise some of the cards from snaps free download and Amy Jaz’s everyday essentials journal pack. Sadly it would be another couple of months before I meet Christine and her amazing knowledge of photoshop actions improve my photos. Till then all I manage to do is digitally stamp photos. 20130529-193920.jpg At the top right hand corner you will see my first ‘I choose’ card from Elise Cripe’s online class. The class is amazing. If you get the chance to take it, I highly recommend it. I made the card myself with Studio Calico digital stamps and a really neat tutorial on how to make digital confetti because at this point in time I had next to no physical scrapbooking supplies. I did however manage to find some gems and stars: 20130529-195937.jpg That is all the physical embellishments this spread has. Hindsight being 20/20, it turned out to be a good thing. With a month to go till the half way point, my binder is busting at the seams.