I’m loathe to write this post. I think it’s been a contributing factor to the slow-down in posts around here. 20130802-111736.jpg When it was originally published on Instagram, it was the most popular of all my 15 spreads. Behind the scenes though, I debated publishing it at all.20130802-112050.jpg The original caption read something like: “Even I have layouts that aren’t great” but I deleted it because I felt it was overly egotistical.20130802-112538.jpg If I had my time again, I wouldn’t use such a busy paper for Saturday, but having said that there are still elements I like. 20130802-112857.jpg I like the thickers on the photo. The bar was dark and by extension, so was the photo. The thickers helped bring it in line with the other photos. 20130802-113418.jpg Super glad I kept this tag. I accidentally killed the one I didn’t keep the tag for. If you knew my past history with house plants, you would certainly agree that two out of three was a remarkable achievement.

20130802-114007.jpg I love this little tidbit from CJ’s week. Gotta love PC games with scrapbook-compatible logos. On a side note, I love the kesi-art backing paper. I would have bought more, but their site is all in French.