Welcome to my very exciting Week 14!20130709-194944.jpg
This week I used nearly all Dear Lizzy’s Lucky Charm.20130709-195057.jpg
In a matter of days we celebrated Pa’s birthday, my best friends birthday and Easter weekend.20130709-195203.jpg Little milestones such as CJ’s Aunt coming to visit for the last time before heading back to America and my little sister getting her first full time job, occurred this week.20130709-195607.jpg Aunty Shirley was even nice enough to repair my quilt. That reminds me, that’s something I need to add to my ‘must learn’ list. I would love to learn to hand quilt one day. Maybe a trip to the US is in order. At least the lessons would be free.20130709-195750.jpg Anna’s first working week was exhausting. This was a picture I took after she came to drop something off. The poor thing was falling asleep, waiting for her cup of tea. I know it sounds strange, but I was so proud of her. 20130709-200045.jpg I admit, I was not very happy with my meringue layer, but I don’t think it was too bad for a first attempt. I’d never made my own pastry or lemon meringue pie before this week. I did however perfect it a month down the track. I had to wait for a week to do this layout because I had to special order the yellow alphas. I love that it shows the baking process.20130709-200557.jpg I debated whether or not to include this photo in the blog post. I know for a fact that CJ is not overjoyed by his butt being a featured. This however, is one of those tiny little moments that makes life so sweet and it illustrates my pro tip for the week. The original photo was poorly lit and it turned out grainy. I tried everything in my arsenal to clean it up but in the end the only solution was to turn it black and white. No one need ever know it wasn’t meant to be.