A very stark difference from last week.

This week was a really fun week. We spent a lot of time with friends and it was school holidays so Mog came to play for a day.

We bought some new items for the new house and CJ found a new place to get his hair cut. That’s a big thing when you had been going to the old place for 10 years.

It was the first time I got a chance to teach Mog to scrapbook. Pro tip I wish someone told me: Take the table-cloth off before you give children ink. No amount of bleaching has removed that green neon.

I am not typically a product hoarder. I know there will always be something in the next CHA that I want just as bad, but I admit to having a sizeable stash of these Amy Tangerine Alphas. I really do love the way they look on this photo.

I love this card, even if you can see the glue through the velum frame.

It’s always important to remember though that it’s not all about the design. It’s about the stories. This is perhaps one of the simplest cards in the spread but its one of my favorites because of the story it tells.