Good Morning lovely readers! Welcome to week 11.20130627-111516.jpg You may notice that week 10 is missing from the site. That would be because it’s nothing special. It was the week of our wedding reception and our house was still packed with family. The most I could do was fill out a journal cards and jam them in next to the photos. This one is much prettier. This is the first week I got to chill out in my new house and check out our new town. This page documents our trip to the local markets.20130627-112909.jpg We also got to have a dinner party with CJ’s Aunt from America. Please excuse the blacked out tag. That’s just me having a sook.20130627-113525.jpg Some of the details of our new house.20130627-113646.jpg I just love it when photos work well with a colour theme.20130627-113809.jpg Love this effect. I stamped the card four times with bronze, silver, gold and black. My pro tip for the day is: dry one stamp print before you do the next. If you don’t the paper can warp and you risk the stamp sliding on the paper.

Thanks again for stopping by!