Just a quick post today. Mog and I are off to play in the fairy garden in our local park. Yet another reason why I love Autumn! If it had of been summer both Mog and I would need a whole lot of sunscreen. So as requested here it is the digital version of my “Autumn is here” photo from my last spread. Download it (Just right click and save) and use it as you please (I would print it like a regular photo). I only ask that you tag me on Facebook or Instagram and link back your blog post if you happen to publish your spread.

My beloved American friends I have not forgotten you… I’m sure I will have come up with something cool before your fall rolls around 😉

Aimee xx

P.S. Holly, Mog says lots of love and I miss you. Aunty Aimee let me eat smarty icecream and hot crossbuns after school and we are having Indian for dinner xx