Wow. Can I just say – I have had a week for the books. This week was certainly NOT like the others.

I have been approached by four separate parties with amazing offers. To begin with I have been commissioned to do the sweetest wedding album. Second, I took an offer to join an up and coming digital designers creative team. It’s actually hilarious when I think about it. The designers and 97% of the team are french… and so are their forums. I took german in high school, so it took 45 minutes and a lot of help from google translator just to sign in. This will be an adventure and I’ve been saying for awhile I wanted to learn a second language. Life became even more exciting when my good friend Christine and I decided to start up a Project Life Photography group. Christine is a wicked photographer, amazing project lifer, mother of five and a librarian. Yeah, so Super Woman and I will do our best to help you improve your project life photos, just shoot us a question. The group has been up for a total of 48 hours now and there is already over 100 members and countless interesting discussions and tips in there. If you would like to join you can find us here. My forth offer is a secret, at least for a couple of weeks, but I can tell you it’s going to be out of this world amazing.

On the home front we are all waiting on Ranger. Ranger is one of the five chickens we acquired late last year. Rosemary and Thyme went home with Mog and so we were left with three: Scarlet who is a deep red, Ginger Rogers who is ginger and the Lone Ranger. Ranger got her name on the very first day because she has never had any interest in being part of the pack. The others would huddle together, sleep together, eat together, but not Ranger. My little girl does as she pleases, even when it comes to laying. Scarlet started late January. Ginger a week after that. My little Ranger has been showing signs for over a week now, alas there is still no egg. My husband was sure it would be last Monday. I was positive we would have one by Wednesday, but I should have know better. In honour of  our chicken who treads her own path I offer you the “One of these things is not life the other” 3×4 filler card freebie.

It comes in yellow, aqua, pink and black and can be used for so many uses. Just off the top of my head:

  • A chicken or child that walks it’s own path.
  • A week that is not like any other.
  • A craft project fail.
  • Unusual shaped fruit and vegetables that warrant a photo.
  • The photo you take when you find your keys in the fridge (In my defence I’d been unpacking the groceries).

Just to name a few. Can I just ask though if you happen to use it and you photo your project life spread for instagram, would you kindly hashtag it with #aimeedow. I would really like to see your “other”. To download simply click on the colour you want and download the image from the popup window.

Now if you don’t mind I think I will pour myself a drink and kick off the weekend. I swear it’s after 5 in my part of the world.

Aimee xx

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