Nothing like a walk in the park with the one you love.20130610-212505.jpg On Monday afternoon CJ suggested we go for a walk. It was the first clear bright day we had experienced in weeks and I was eager to take advantage of it.20130610-213035.jpg CJ has become accustomed to our walks over the years and I have always found it to be a great time to talk about things not directly related to day-to-day life. He has even come to accept the camera as part of the deal.20130610-213430.jpg I managed to get some really good photos of him, but I think I will keep those just for me. We walked around Rosalind Park for a good hour. Just walking and talking.20130610-213805.jpg We walked through the winding botanical gardens, among the tall palm trees with little streams darting here and there. 20130610-214021.jpg I wouldn’t say it was quiet though… we had lots of company. 20130610-214224.jpg I am not afraid of bats, but I am not very keen on the germs that reside on their claws and in their droppings. They were however, awesome to watch in flight.20130610-214629.jpg I wonder who lives here… I was too chicken to find out. Besides, I wouldn’t like someone peaking into my window. I was just happy and content to walk around the park on a cool winters afternoon, holding the hand of the man that I love.