March 14, 2014

Project Life Freebie #2


Just a quick post today. Mog and I are off to play in the fairy garden in our local park. Yet another reason why I love Autumn! If it had of been summer both Mog and I would need a whole lot of sunscreen. So as requested here it is the digital version of my “Autumn is here” photo from my last spread. Download it (Just right click and save) and use it as you please (I would print it like a regular photo). I only ask that you tag me on Facebook or Instagram and link back your blog post if you happen to publish your spread.

My beloved American friends I have not forgotten you… I’m sure I will have come up with something cool before your fall rolls around šŸ˜‰

Aimee xx

P.S. Holly, Mog says lots of love and I miss you. Aunty Aimee let me eat smarty icecream and hot crossbuns after school and we are having Indian for dinner xx

March 13, 2014

The Liebster Award



So guess what?

I won an award! Okay, technically I have just been nominated, but it’s all the same to me! The lovely Sabine from Moments to Live nominated me. You should certainly check her blog out by the way, I did after I “won” the award and I was so surprised. I did not know Sabine personally, but over time I have pinned a ton of her projects. I feel a collab coming on…

I think it best if I let Sabine tell you about the Liebster Award: “‘Liebster’ is actually German and means “favorite, lovely, nice, dearest”. It’s not an award in the usual way. It’s more of a challenge cup or chain letter, but in a good way. If you are awarded with it, you have to answer 11 personal questions, asked by the former cup owner. Additionally, you have to propose 11 new questions and nominate 10 other bloggers. It’s meant for new bloggers with less than 200 followers on bloglovin.”

Did I say Yay aready? Yay! That’s me! My blog is lovely! Ā As Sabine said – the award comes with 10 questions and she picked some really great ones to ask. Shall we get started?

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I guess my answer has two parts. Inspiring people would have to be my number 1 favourite thing. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see people using techiques I have shown and making them their own. It’s even better when they come back to me and show it off. It’s taken some time, but Betwixt is becoming it’s own community. That would be my second part. I love the postive community we are building.

2. Where is your favorite place in the world and why?

In my imagination or real life? I imagine Paris to be my favorite place in the world, but having never been there, I would have to say Hobart, Tasmania. I attended university there some 10 years ago.To this day I still miss seeing the snow on Mount Wellington, the boats on the Derwent, weekends spent at the Salamanca Market and the general good vibe of the place.

3. What is your thing? The thing you love to do above all other?

Oh god. Hmm. My thing…? I love Project Life, I love to scrap, I love to bake, I love to read, I love to design, but my thing is really a thread that runs through them all. Above all else, I love to be so completely absorbed in something. I’m very detail-oriented. I love just to be left alone to put everything I have into a project. The feeling I get from completing something to a standard I am proud of is such a wicked high.

4. What are three major things on your bucket list?

I’ve been really good about this over the years. I went zorbing with my husband when I turned 25 and a couple of years ago Holly and I ate authentic chinese food that I had been dreaming about for years. Other items on the list, like making the Paislee Press design team, have come and gone without me and in the end it turned out to be for the best.

Right now though I’d have to say…

  • Make the Basic Grey Design Team
  • Attend CHA
  • Visit Paris

They may not nessecarily be in my future, but that’s what I’m aiming for.

5. What makes you happy?

My husband. Most of the really great things that have happened in my life usually have him involved. Also cold weather, hot chocolate, a really great recipe, surprises in the mail, quiet time, Masterchef, good friends, paper shuffling, designs that blow your mind (doesn’t have to be mine), a well styled outfit, the list is endless. I really do try to find little pieces of happy throughout my day.

6. What is the most useful tip you’ve ever learned?

A couple of months back I was reading the most recent issue of Fete magazine. There was an interview with Sasha White, who co-owns Mr and Mrs White – a furniture and textile company. Sasha said something in that interview that really resonated with me; “It’s best to have little expectations but be full of grace”. Sasha then goes on to clarify “It doesn’t mean you have to be a push-over and not aspiring to anything, but being humble in your ambitions and kind to others even if it is undeserving. Because one day you will not deserve someone’s grace but hope that they will give it”. Seriously? How profond is that. I know personally this is something I struggle with. I wish I had lower expections and a whole lot more grace, but it certainly gives me something to work for.

7. What is your favorite song, that makes you happy?

It’s a so cliche, but “Happy” by Pharell Williams is doing it for me right now.

8. What is/was your biggest wish – now and ten years ago?

Hubby and I were actually talking about this last night. I would absolutely love to turn my passions and hobbies into an income. Not very orginal, I know. I just wish I could spend all day doing the things I love, pay people to do the things I don’t and have enough money to get by. Sadly right now it is more of a wish. I need to sit down and really think about a plan. Oh and world peace šŸ™‚

9. What was the nicest, most lovely thing someone did for you or gift you received?

You know I really and honestly couldn’t single out any one person or gift. Every year my husband writes me a poem for our anniversary. I have 7 now and they all mean a lot to me. Holly, my best friend, turned up 2 hours before my wedding with a magic bag of every essential item that never even crossed my mind. I’ve never been so grateful for bottled water and panadol in my life. She even bought Coke because she knew my husband didn’t drink bottled water. Ā And just this morning I received a gorgeous package form a beautiful blog reader, who sent me a set of veneer numbers after she read my post where I lemented running out of mine. If that wasn’t enough, it was so beautifully wrapped, with the sweetest message and a couple of really exclusive treats. That’s just 3 of so many that have touched my heart in a big way.

10. What is the one special thing you love to do at weekends?

It used to be Two Peas in a Bucket project life vids. I would wait all week for Sunday morning to see another, but since they have gone to the new format – it’s a Sunday sleep-in followed by pancakes.

Phew… long post. Come back Monday for my list of nominees and my questions. Hope you enjoyed this little peek in to my world. Feel free to ask a question of your own in the comments and once again a big thanks to Sabine for this wonderful honour.

Aimee xx

March 12, 2014

Project Life Week 10 2014


So, have you ever had a spread that even though you have the most brilliant idea in the world – it still doesn’t seem to come together. Yeah. That was me this week.

Week 10 has sat on my table since Monday last week. It didn’t look anything like this until yesterday. Originally it was bottle brush green, denim, mustard and black. Oh, you should have seen it. There was a ton of amazing hand stitching… it was so beautiful… until it all came together and all of a sudden it wasn’t anymore.

For a week I tried to make it work. Moving, shuffling, altering and then walking away. It wasn’t until yesterday when my latest order from Life Love Paper arrived that I finally admitted defeat.

The irony of it all is that I have wanted to do a neon spread for forever and a day as well, but in the past they have never come together either. It really did all boil down to getting this in the mail and having the enough inspiration to scrap the original plan and try again.

As you can see the papers this week are super bright and busy, so embellishment had to be scaled back. I used only two stamps this week: the arrows from Kellie Stamps Cozy Set (which by the way is my favorite set of hers so far) and the ‘Why Hello There’ by Kelly Purkey. The KP stamp adds a lovely texture that ties in so well with Tina Azmus’s quote card in the bottom left corner.

I’d love to say that my week numberĀ and dates were a conscious decision when I was scaling back, but that would be a lie. I forgot to add a week number. It wasn’t until I went to photo the spread that I noticed it was missing and it was a case of finding somewhere it would fit.

I rarely do over pocket details. It’s not because I don’t like the way they look or because anybody is rough with my albums. It’s just that you are reading the blog of an habitual klutz. I’m really not kidding – this girl had 3 stitches in her left butt cheek after she got up to answer the door and sat down on the couch forgetting the fiskar sheers had been beside her on said couch (On a side note I don’t use those shears anymore and I bet that’s a tale you won’t on any other blog). Anyway the point is that I fear I will some how damage the embellishment and I won’t be able to replace it, but in this case I have been super lucky to be hooked up with the owner of Scrap This – The maker of the beautiful silver embellishments on this spread.

Oh look there is another one of Angus’ creations. Just kidding, I knew it was there, I was the one who put it there. This bit is a little special to me. “Hello Love” is the exact emotion I feel when I see the photo next to Shanna’s heart card (freebie can be found here). My ever so charming husband gets up later than I do. I often get up around 6, but I spend the next 3 hours reading, creating, catching up on house work, etc. He gets up at around 9 and always makes us both breakfast. I love this ritual so much. It’s just one of those simple moments in life when your heart swells with appreciation, you know?

Big fan of my split washi idea too. The aqua washi and the neon pink are genuine MT tape. I’d love to hook you up, but I bought them from an etsy dealer in Japan years ago. The dealer has since closed their store. Probably a good thing since I now own more than 200, but if you know of someone feel free to leave a link below. The yellow strip washi on my journaling card is from freckled fawn.

I did mention all my papers this week are Tina’s didn’t I? I’m sure I did. This neon ampersand was from her beautiful Christmas Set (Sadly long sold out). The pic next to it is of a new recipe we have been bingeing on this week – Ice cream Sunday with Butterscotch Sauce and Candied Almonds. You can bet your bottom dollar I wrote the cookbook and page number on the back just incase I ever forget how much we love it.

Hard to believe that the Sunday was not my favorite part of the week. It is without a doubt the fact that Autumn has finally arrived in my little corner of the world. I don’t sleep well when it’s hot and then all of a sudden this week I have needed a jumper after 10pm! That fact alone is totally worth celebrating. This card is a photo I took while watering the garden one night. I overlaid Kelly Purkey Alphas, it’s got a lot of comments on Instagram and Facebook. I was thinking about turning it in to a digital freebie – what do you think?

Well that just about wraps it up for this week. Any questions leave them below and I will do my best to answer them and always just click on any of the images to get a better look.

Aimee xx

February 28, 2014

Five for Friday: Digital Edition.


I am so pumped for the weekend! I have so many big plans which ironically all involve staying at home. I am constantly reassuring myself that with the exception of Kelly Purkey (who never seems to be at home) all scrap and D.I.Y. queens do the same thing for fun. This weekend I’ve got some catch up to do for digital CT teams, but frankly I can’t wait to get started. There were some really wicked digital kits that have just come out this week that I am just dying to get my hands on. Would you like to see?

It’s not secret that I am head over heels in love with everything Peppermint designs and it would appear that a lot of you are too. Her designs are appearing a lot more in Studio Calico kits. There are 3 in the Office Hours PL kit this month. Rather than having to wait for it to arrive, I am diving head first in to her new digital collection –Ā Timeless. I have wicked plans for a mustard, black and white spread with a bold black and white photo.

And for my fellow Project Lifers there is matching Journaling Cards. You can buy them separately,Ā but until Monday they come free if you purchase the main kit. Ohh how I love matching sets and that saying filler card pretty much the story of my life.

Next up is the lovely AllisonĀ Pennington. I have the a very strange relationship with Allison’s designs. For the longest time I have wanted to be clean white and minimal like Stephanie Bryan and for the most part I pull it off but secretly there is a part of my that craves retro/vintage/grunge. Allison’s designs are often the scratch to that itch. Yesterday she release Seize and lord help me I need it all. The papers, elements, alphas and doodles. I think the strip sayings would work really well with hybrid Project Life spread. Just saying.

Forth spot belongs to my newest CT – Just the two of us. A french duo design team with a very distinctive style. This month they have released this super cool and bright collection called Colourful World and the elements and matching journaling cards can me found here, but what I am really digging is the pattern “paper”. I’ve got big plans for the one red and green one on the end.

Finally for my beloved Project Lifers I have a very special treat for you – Journal Hoppers. Valorie Wibbens has just released THE cutest digital templates in both 3×4 and 6×4 sizes in one pack. I have so many ideas about what to do with these. For starters I’m going to load it with all my new Seize papers and save a couple on the side for our impending Autumn. I’ve also got some ideas about some unusual crops I’d like to try. This is going to be so much fun.

Did I tempt anyone else to stay in and play for the weekend? How about if I told you they are all on sale until Monday? Thats right my friends, just click on the picture to be taken to the kit. If you have never tried digital/hybrid scrapping – now would be a great time. There are so many great tutorials out there, clean up takes seconds, there is absolutely no need to wait for the postman (That’s right Aus Post, I’m not above naming and shaming), you can recolor just about anything and you can use them over and over again. If you do by all means link back or tag me on instagram. I love to see what you are all up too.

Aimee xx

February 27, 2014

Project Life Week 9 2014


Gosh, it feels good to have my creative groove back – even if it is in pink.

I never set out to do pink spreads. It’s just not my colour, but at the end of the week when all the photos had been collected, pink was the colour I had in spades.

Despite my seriously blinged out week number, you will notice I am still trying to keep things pretty simple.

I intentionally choose to use gold and green as my accent colours because here in Australia we are in the last hurrah of summer. I really wanted the layout to have a bright sunny feel before the weather begins to chill and my photos take on a different theme.

Journaling was kept simple again this week, but rather than digitally journal on to photos I decided to try out my typewriter on vellum. They aren’t glued down so they are pretty easy to lift up in you want a better look at the photo, but this does mean the strips move around a little. I like the soft effect that it creates.

I am going to be really sad when I run out of these numbers. I am having a hell of a lot of fun experimenting with them, but unfortunately Freckled Fawn does not sell them separately. They were part of their December Oh Deer Me kit. You can read more about my gold leaf experience here.

Speaking of gold, I am super in love with these gold accents being made here in Australia by Scrap This! These triangles are just the beginningĀ of a fantastic range that is just about to hit Agnus’s shop and I am not afraid to admit – I’ve preorder a set of all the gold and silver ranges.

Kellie also has brand new stamp sets arriving in store today. These cute little vines are part of the cozy set, which in my opinion really make these cards. The alpha is from Elle’s Studio, the paper is Basic Grey and the bad stitching is all me.

I am finally getting a hang of stamping on photos and the double stamp. I would also like to thank Kellie personally for including this stamp in the cozy set because frankly I really kicked myself for not buying the kit from Studio Calico months ago, which sported a similar stamp, but you know how it goes – it’s a little hard to justify a kit price when all you want is just one stamp.

ARRHHH Me! This really should not have been included, but if you knew how rare it was for me to do housework, you would understand why it was worth documenting. Also note the amazing gold spot washi and Kellie’s cozy stamp.

My Project Life had two cool features this week. The first being the embellishment of this photo. This photo is of my husband holding the hail from the storm on Tuesday but no matter how hard I tried I could not manage to digitally edit it so that the hail standout without the photo looking fake. It was just a sheer coincidence that I happen to be playing around with the camera chipboard from the Jelly Bean Add On. It occurred to me that I could “frame” the hail. My husband is not a huge fan of the pink camera, but I love it.

The other is something a little bit special. You may remember late last week I shared this freebie. Well, because it was my first freebie I included a picture of all four cards in my album, but I still wanted to use the card for its original purpose, which was to talk about our chicken. So I had this brilliant idea to turn it into a tag. The gold vellum hexagons arrived from Studio Calico the exact same day I started this spread, it just seem so perfect for a chicken story that I decided to make a stitched vellum pocket. I am really happy with how it all turned out.

I really hope you have enjoyed this peak in to my Project Life album. Please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Aimee xx


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