Just 8 weeks to the wedding.
My desk is a bomb site. Every night I clean it off but by noon the next day it’s back to a war zone. This week has been worse than most. I run our entire house from my study, but this week my organisation has slipped across the board. My workout clothes are heaped on the chair inside the door because I like to dress in there so as not to wake CJ in the mornings. The spare bed is piled high with organisation boxes that should be in the wardrobe but I just haven’t had the time to sort them out. The coffee table looks more like a giant stack of papers that need to be sorted, filed or otherwise dealt with, but saddest of all… my poor reading chair sits neglected in the corner. I am not even brave enough to tell you what the rest of the house looks like.

But I did achieve some pretty big rocks this week:
– I bought my wedding dress
– I booked the hotel we will stay in
– I bought CJs wedding present
– I started a new diet and stuck with it
– I worked out like a crazy person
– I filed the businesses taxes
– I kept up with all my blog posts and even planned for some more.
– I sent out 5 letters (as seen above)
– And, with a lot of help from Holly, I have begun to plan a friend’s baby shower.

This coming week I will be better though:
– I will continue to workout like a crazy person
– I will stick to my diet
– I will keep up with my posts, in which you might just get to see the dress.
– I will sort out the study
– I will go back to using my filofax for time management
– I will write the master list (post to come)
– I will ring the photographer
– I will write and send at least 2 letters
– I will FINALLY finish reading blog inc.

You have my permission to kick my butt if I don’t. I will let you know how it all goes.