If you could identify a single word that sums up what you want for yourself in 2013, what would it be? My word is:
One Little Word

I was first introduced to Ali Edwards some months back when I was contemplating the merits of undertaking Project Life. Ali has a very clean style that appeals to me, but as I continued to read her blog it became apparent that her talents extend much further than just scrapbooking.

In January 2006, Ali picked a word that she then chose to embody for the year. She did it in the hope that, with focus and reflection, she may be able to bring more of it into her life. Ali’s word was “play”.

In 2007, Ali shared this concept in a blog post (if you get the time, it is well worth the read). Since then, the One Little Word has become it’s own little phenomenon. The idea is that you pick a word (or a word picks you) and for an entire year you attempt to bring more of it into your life. Most importantly though, it has to be your word. Not the word your spouse wants you to be, or your children, dog or mother for that matter.

My word picked me.
I was so lucky in 2012 to get everything I ever wanted. I have such a good life. I get to spend all day working alongside my husband. Should something need my attention elsewhere, like Pa’s heart attack, I am able to pick up and go at a moment’s notice. CJ is just amazing. When I had to leave for a fortnight, he just picked up the slack. When I  wanted a blog, he built it. When I wanted a sparkle graphic (and clearly it was out of my photoshop capabilities) he stopped what he was doing just to create it. Here is the thing about my life though, it’s become very routine and probably not the most constructive. It’s a little lackluster and I only have myself to blame.

In 2013 though, that is all going to change. Sparkle to me is not all about being the brightest and most engaging. Sparkle to me is about being above the everyday normal. It means deliberately walking out of the house with a positive attitude. It’s about pushing myself that little bit harder to be great, not just good. Taking more care in the way I dress. Being charming when I don’t really feel like it. And even though I said your word shouldn’t be about your spouse, I want to be a wife that he can be proud of.