Good Afternoon and welcome to the first of what I hope will be many Life.Paper.Scrapbook. Project Life Challenges. This months challenge is to create some form of laying in your Project Life spreads. I am the absolute first to admit that this can a difficult task. I actively avoid adding to much clutter on a spread because I firmly believe it detracts from the photos. It is for this reason I have chosen a form of layering that I think enhances a spread, rather than detracts from it – the art of transparencies.

Here is an example I have been working on for my Week 31 insert.

I made this using the Paislee Press Press Plate no.38 Template available here. Other supplies include an A4 Pocket and a very helpful staff member at Officeworks.

I took 3 separate files on my USB to Officeworks yesterday.

1. The transparency template saved as a .PDF

2. The JPEG of my A4 Photo sheet.

3. A PDF to be printed on cardstock explaining each photo.

It took only minutes to print all three documents and only cost me $1.80 for the whole thing! I know, hard to believe right?

The best part is you can use almost anything to make a transparency. You can create your own designs or use ones you have found online, you can even scan documents and memorabilia. Be warned though it can get addictive. If you do happen to give it a go please take the time to enter it in the challenge over on the Life.Paper.Scrapbook. site. I would love to see what you come up with and just between you and me – I would REALLY like it if one of my readers won the Gossamer Blue Project Kit. 

It would make the pain of me being unable to win it just that little bit more bearable.