I have a confession to make… actually I have two. First off, I wasn’t happy with the way the original Madeleine photos turned out, so I figured I’d make another batch. The second lot of photos turned out much better. Which brings me to my second confession…


I packaged them up and gave them to our new neighbours. I know it may look like I am being an awesome neighbour but in all honesty I am just so glad they bought the house. For such a long time we have been surrounded with really unsociable and inconsiderate neighbours and it has just added to my dislike of our small town. It makes such a difference when you can have someone to chat to over the fence.

As for the packing, I couldn’t help myself. I have a Martha Stewart gene. It’s really simple.

The bag and neon tag came from blankgoods:

The heart sticker came from Rin’s amazing etsy store:

The neon washi tape you can pick up from any Big W store in Australia