A journal of my productive day in bed.


One of the greatest things about owning your own company is that your time is your own. Take for example today. I slept in till 10.30 before venturing downstairs. CJ had already made me breakfast and I sat with him in the lounge and talked while I ate. From there I cleaned up all my craft supplies which had migrated to every corner of the room and relocated them to our bed. I built a nest of supplies and pillows and proceeded to catch up on my favorite shows… Downton Abbey, 2 Broke Girls, Hart of Dixie, you know the type I mean. Ones you can watch while doing other stuff.

I was served Heston Blumenthal’s eggs and soldiers (Making CJ watch that TV series certainly paid off). I worked on 3 separate designs and wrote 2 letters before rolling out of bed and sauntering down to the post office to send a letter to the lovely Emma in the UK.

On the way back from the post office I picked up a new client – cause you know, one has to do real work at some point.

On returning home from my stroll, CJ suggested we go out to dinner at the Irish pub (what can I say, he is an amazing man). The Irish pub was a story in itself given that it is wedding season. I saw a man in very short lederhosen and in an entirely separate party, a woman with a mustache and a top hat. If that is not strange enough for you, there was a whole section on the menu devoted to sweet parmas and by that I mean a chicken schnitzel covered in melted marshmallows and chocolate fudge sauce. As you can see from the lack of pictures on my Instagram feed, I didn’t actually order it. I have to ask, what is the strangest thing you have ever seen on a menu? Oh and am I only one who has their most productive days in bed? Just putting it out there.