So it’s been a little quiet around here lately, but I swear it was for an excellent reason. Last Saturday we held a Cox family reunion/85th birthday party for my Pa. Aside from designing the invitations, I was also designated a leading role on the “creative” committee. I say creative in inverted commas because when Pa told me – he made it out to be a dirty word. Nevertheless, I was more than happy to oblige. It took nearly a full week of prep to bring it all together, Sunday and Monday to recover and the last few days to kick off the photo editing and work on the guest book (Project Life style of course). Today however, I’m just going to show you some of the creative projects and some of the candid shots I took on the day. We held the day at the Bendigo Pottery reception rooms and garden. The day was sunny and warm. I arrived a little after 10:30am to begin the set up for lunch.

First task was to set up the table centre pieces.

While I was doing the tables my little sister set up the lolly bar – because it’s just not a party without one.

Poor kid must of put the scoops in 3 times before I got this photo. I kept taking them out so i could put the lids on, but every time I went to take a photo I got called away. Every time I came back the scoops were in again.

On a side note, we had special candy made for the event. The company we used is based in Melbourne and can be found here. Minimum order is 6kg but all of it went so that wasn’t really a problem for us.

We also made a name tag station where people could write their own name tag and pin it on. If that photo on the board is familiar, it’s because you saw it in last years Daily December Album,ย when Pa and I went on a road trip to his childhood home.

Finally, the last thing to do was to set up the cake my mum had ordered.

Time to get the party started!

We served finger food with an open bar. Which promoted the great atmosphere to mingle.

We sung Happy Birthday to Pa.

And served dessert.

Some just preferred repeat trips to the lolly bar.

The afternoon was sent on lawn taking family photos. You’ll see a ton of them when I do the guest book post, but for right now I’ll just show you this one of my Aunt Marleen and Baby Poppy. Poppy is only 6 weeks old and without a doubt getting to hold her was the highlight of my day.

Aimee xx