Eh… I think I fell off the horse again, didn’t I?
20130526-195213.jpgYou will be glad to know though, I do promise to post more regularly and the reason I can promise this is because I have already written all of this weeks posts. I have given a lot of thought to the direction I wish to take my blog in future and I am really excited about some of the changes that are just around the corner.

The first of which has been inspired by a new friend, Ffion. I know, right? Super cool name. Ffion writes an awesome blog called Give me magical. Ffion has just begun a new feature, in essence a virtual cuppa and a catch up. Here is how she describes it:

I’m back with a new feature to help me find my way back into spending time in this space – once a week, i’m going to make myself sit down, have a cup of something and have a bit of a catch up with you. i’ll let you know what’s happening over here, something i’ve recently discovered that interests or inspires me and i’ll share a song that i love with you as a soundtrack for our little tea date.

Sounds fun huh? So here we are, me and my cup of tea.

My inspiration this week comes from a complete fluke. I happened to be switching channels haplessly Thursday night when I stumbled across a show on SBS: Rachel Khoo’s Little Paris Kitchen. It’s brilliant, she is brilliant!

Rachel Khoo
And here is the result of said inspiration:
20130526-203511.jpgCroque Madame baked by me! They were amazing but don’t take my word for it , youtube the recipe and try it for yourself.

Our song for today? Everybody Talks by Neon Trees. Should get you dancing round the kitchen while making you Croque Madames.

Happy Monday Everybody!

P.s. Don’t forget to check out Ffion’s Instagram feed. She is a seriously talented photographer. Username: ffiffiffoffum