He may look cute but he is a royal pain in my…schedule?20121031-205921.jpg
If you have been following my Instagram, you know that my life has been somewhat disturbing in recent days. On Sunday night, my Pa was raced to hospital with severe chest pain. Later that night, he was admitted for further observation. For all intents and purposes, I am my Pa’s career so with haste I rushed to Bendigo to be by his side. Bendigo is only an hour away, but one little thing has prevented me from returning home – Benson. Benson is my Pa’s husky. He is no ordinary husky though, he is an escape artist extraordinaire and one hell of an attention seeker. He cannot be left alone. The last 4 days have been a blur of hospital visits and dog walks but the good new is Pa has been allowed to come home. With any luck our lives (and the blogs) can go on uninterrupted for a little while.