Oh how I love PL treats in the mailbox.
Just a quick note to let you know about a brilliant scrapbooking brand I recently discovered. Introducing Skipping 5. I accidentally discover the brand while surfing Instagram. You see, I have been hoarding gold supplies. I have a plan for my birthday this year. I intend to throw a big metallic bash and naturally nothing but a metallic spread will do for the week. Anywho, I came across an amazing picture of the gold foil cards and begged the poster to tell me where she obtained them. Yeah…not creepy at all. Having acquired said information, I went to get my loot, only to discover their amazing velum confetti pockets. The products I received are amazing quality and shiny. Honestly who can resist ‘shiny’ things? What can I say, I’m a very happy PLer.

Pro Tip: Skipping 5 is the absolute best place to go for chic puffy stickers. I promise you, they are nothing like the ones you remember from your childhood.