Don’t you love it when the first day of a new month falls on a Monday? I do. For some reason I get a great sense of enthusiasm at the idea of fresh start and new discoveries. Speaking of which I came across this great blog: Just Me written by a wonderful woman by the name of Melissa Priest. In today’s post she challenges us to write our own list of good things. Seems fitting that we should give thanks for the good things in our life before we move on with another month. I know at times I struggle to live in the present and as a result I fret about the past or worry about the future more than I should. Today, however I am very grateful for the following good things:

1. Our new home. Okay, so we moved into our new house almost 2 months ago but it has only been in the last fortnight that it has really begun to feel like a home to me. I won’t lie, I struggled more than any other member of the family. I LOVED our old house and our new house certainly has its fair share of quirks (no light in the dining room?!?) but my husband has done an amazing job solving all its little problems and helping me get settled.

2. Project Life. Umm… So you maybe wondering what I have been doing in my absence from this blog. Project Life is the answer. I discovered Project Life sometime ago on Pinterest but at the time I didn’t feel like I had the creative skills or an interesting enough life to document it. It wasn’t until last December that I finally felt ready. I really wanted a record of our first year of marriage and Project Life seemed like the perfect way to do it. Here is the thing though, I can be a bit of a quitter. I am generally happy to give anything a try but as soon as I get bored, I bail. CJ even chuckled when I expressed a desire to undertake this 52 week project. 3 months in and I love it more and more every week. Layout day is my favourite day of the week. Promise I will post about it soon.

3. The Dishwasher. I have never had a stronger desire to kiss an inanimate object in my life. It is one of my favourite features of the new house. Last night I cooked dinner for 7, went to bed at a reasonable hour and got up to clean dishes. TA-DA! I get that this may not seem like such a great innovation to the general population but this is the first time I have had one, its exciting to me.

4. Instagram. It’s the new Facebook or at least in my case it replaced Facebook. I love my tech. If I’m awake you can guarantee I have my iPad or iPhone on me but recently I have noticed 2 very distinct emotions coming from my social networking apps. Every time I log on to Facebook I seem to read though a string of complaints, judgements and uninformed opinions before I get to happy news or something pleasant. 5 minutes on Instagram however and I feel
inspired. I just want to be where the happy people are.

5. The Fiesta Quilt.

As with most things this quilt came into my life in the most unconventional way. It was a wedding gift from CJ’s Aunt. I had never met her before our reception and to be honest we did not even think to invite her. Aunty Shirley resides in the US and had not come to Australia in 10 years. I am very glad that someone thought to invite her though. I did not like the quilt at first. Red is not my colour. Red is not my husbands colour but as I have come to know Aunty Shirley over the past month, I have learned about the love and skill that has gone into every stitch and it has made me really appreciate the heart felt gift. This week, just as the weather turned cold, Aunty Shirley returned home to the US. I remain here attached to our quilt as if it were a security blanket.