The definitive wish list:

Last Finders Keepers Post for Melbourne 2012. Santa if you are out there – hint, hint!

Wooden iPad case – from A Skulk of Foxes.
Of course this is a necessity. One’s iPad cover should always match one’s iPhone cover. Okay that’s not strictly true, but it is so beautiful and I love the feel and the touch of it. The bigger pattern on the back is really striking. A true work of art.

Suitcase sound systemSon Valise
I don’t really need this. In fact I would not know where to put it if Santa dropped it off, but honestly… HOW COOL ARE THEY!?!? My excited photography does not do them justice. They have the cutest little toggle on/off switch. I could play with it for hours (yeah, small things, small minds, I get it). They must have had a huge amount of stock at finders keepers because the amount I saw walk out the door in the 4 short hours I was there, was astonishing.

Rosewood and resin bangle – from Limedrop.
Limedrop was the first stall I came to as I walked in the door. It took every ounce of my strength not to hand over all my money there and then. Alas I showed too much restraint and came home without one. I really regret not buying the blue one at the reduced price when I had the chance.

Neon cushions – from The Super Cool.
I had seen these before on Instagram but at the time I had not realised that they were an Australian company. The blue is pictured above but they do the most amazing green and pink as well. We have already established my love for neon, right? No need to go down that path again. Let’s just say I need them!

Glitter tape – from Blank.
This is another thing I really regret not buying on the day, as Blank goods don’t currently list this product on their site. I passed over the tape purely because I could not decide on a colour/colours. Okay… and maybe because I am trying really hard to curb my tape addiction. Still should have bought some.

What do you think? Any favourites in the bunch?