My amazing haul:
iPhone 4S case – from A Skulk of Foxes.
Large glassine bags – from Blank.
Candy coloured split pins – from Blank.
Confetti lolly bags – from Poppies for Grace.
Mini envelopes – from Sweet William
Recycled paper twine – from Sunday Morning Designs.
Love fortune cards – from TMOD

The best buy of the day was my new iPhone case from A Skulk of Foxes. I am in love with both the look and feel of it. It is so tactile but not as heavy as you would think. I can also attest to the strength of the case. Less than 24 hours on my phone and I accidentally dropped it on the floor – not a scratch or a dent! Don’t get me wrong, I could have bought so much more, but sadly I spent all my funding before I even got half way through the market. Tomorrow I will show you my wish list.