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Tonight’s post isn’t going to be a big one. I have had such a massive day and I am well and truly ready to fall into bed. Today I took a 6 hour round trip to the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne, but I promise you it was well worth it. The Finders Keepers Market is held biannually in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and I was lucky enough to attend today’s event, held in the old exhibition building. Prior to today I had never been inside this historic building – I had seen it on Masterchef but in all honesty, you have no idea of the scale until you’re in it. The Market was massive. It was filled with many online stores that I have come to know and love: inky co, Blank, the super cool – but there were many more new and exciting businesses for me to explore. More on that tomorrow.

If today had a colour theme, it was neon without a doubt. By now you should all know, I’m feeling the neon craze myself. The crowd was large but much was done to make sure guests were comfortable. How cool is the spool furniture? They were scattered around the music stage and there was another set around the corner for people to relax. There was also an operating restaurant at the back of the hall and a tea and coffee place just as you walk in the door. The centre was also decorated with the most amazing streamer chandeliers. All in all it made the day really pleasurable.

Come back tomorrow and I will show you my haul and introduce you to my favourite new online hangouts.